You Can Grab An Xbox Elite Controller For $148 Today

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If you've been on eBay this week, you might have seen that the site has a 20% discount going for certain stores. And you know what that means? Solid discounts on the Xbox Elite controller.

Still the best controller on the market, Microsoft's grey chunky beast usually goes for just under $200. But using the PLAYING code at checkout, you can grab the Elite from Mighty Ape's eBay store for $147.99. That includes shipping, although it's the slowest option with Aussie Post, so you'll have to wait five to seven business days.

Image: eBay

If you're interested and want to move quickly, you can head to the deal here. You can also get the funky Recon Tech controller for $91.16. Note that if you have multiple items in your cart, it'll apply the discount across the total amount, not each item. So just keep that in mind.


    These have Bluetooth in them yet?

      Nope. I grabbed a One S controller instead for that reason. Still don't get my paddles or sexy rubber but it does have a 'bit' of texture to it compared to the OG controller.

        Well that’s not really a good selling point it doesn’t have Bluetooth :/

          Wait so what does Bluetooth do does this mean I won't be able to use headphones like I do on my S controller?

            Nah. Just means if you want to use it with something like your PC (if it has bluetooth) or a Steamlink you need the wireless USB dongle or the micro USB cable. I was going to use it for both so i'm not overly interested in it now lol.

    I couldn't find anywhere to apply the code and was charged full price, now going round in circles with mighty ape as to what the code is, am I correct in assuming the code is simply 'PLAYING'

      It is. It just gets applied at the check out. You have to press add to cart instead of the buy it now option.

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