You Can Import Your Old Shadow Of Mordor Nemesis Into The Sequel

Do you really hate your Shadow of Mordor nemesis and wish you could kick their arse again? The newly launched Nemesis Forge will let players import their orc rivals to fight once more in Shadow of War.

The most memorable feature of Shadow of Mordor was the nemesis system, which dynamically created orc baddies for the player to fight. These orcs could remember crushing defeats, gain scars based on injuries, and had distinct personalities with different strengths and fears. My main rival was an uruk-hai named Krûk the Duelist. He was an arsehole.

The Nemesis Forge is available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC and will identify your greatest rival and follower and will transfer them in to Shadow of War when it's released on October 10th. If you don't have Shadow of Mordor, you can try it for free on Xbox One and Steam from today until July 9th, which should give you time to make your own nemesis. In the meantime, I'm going to sharpen my blade for the next time I meet Krûk. Who, again, was an arsehole.


    But can I import the one from the E3 demo. Okka orc

    Hard pass. My nemesis from the first game was this dude who was impervious to stealth, combat and archery finishers. Couldn't be stunned, kept healing himself and he had a nasty habit of only showing up when I was already fighting 2 or more captains. That guy can rot in my hard drive.

    Never had a nemesis actually despite the game always marking one as no orc ever lasted more than 2 meetings and even then it was rare that an orc would kill me unless i farming for high level runes

    Yeah the nemesis system was pretty meh.

    The biggest problem was picking a fight with a leader and having another (plus his 5 bodyguards) come and interrupt the action so you were massively outnumbered. It seems that at least some of it was scripted since it kept happening no matter how far I kited the first guy away from the area.

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