You'll Need Help Kissing A Virtual Anime Bride

If you ever plan on having a wedding for a virtual reality anime girl, know that you might need some help with the "You may kiss the bride" part. Noted!

[Image: Panora]

Adult game brand Hibiki Works recently held a VR wedding. The groom was a lucky chap, who was selected from other applicants for a chance to "marry" a character from the erotic game New Wife: Lovely X Cation. Obviously, this is not a legally binding union. This is a publicity stunt, sure, but the Panora photos from the wedding are quickly becoming meme fodder online. 

[Image: Panora]

[Image: Panora]

[Image: Panora]

Can't tell what the groom kissed? It was a marshmallow held by tongs.

For more photos of the event check Panora


    Now how do I explain this to MrsBS....

    That lady looks like she's wishing for a longer set of tongs.

    I think might be looking at my future............i'm still unsure how I feel about it??

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