Zero Latency Is Opening A Free-Roam VR Arena In Brisbane

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Two years after it first opened its warehouse doors in Melbourne, Zero Latency is launching a second free-roam multiplayer virtual reality space in Brisbane.

In the suburb of Newstead, Zero Latency is transforming 34 Chester Street into a massive 400-metre open virtual reality arena. that can either be used by two separate arena games or one massive play zone.

Zero Latency's original Melbourne warehouse space.

Zero Latency's boosting its tech to support the new extra-large spaces, too — up to eight players can join in simultaneously, up from the four or six of the original game and 2.0 update games earlier this year.

Players will be fitted out with portable virtual reality rigs including Razer's OSVR HDK2 headsets, Alienware PCs running hot-swappable portable battery packs and Razer headsets for team communications, and clever level design allows the same floor space to be used over and over in-game to create large and immersive worlds.

As well as traditional first-person shooter titles like the original Zombie Outbreak and futuristic Singularity, Zero Latency has family-friendly, gun-free exploration and physics-bending titles like Engineerum. Ticket prices for the new space haven't been announced, but we expect them to be in the same price range as the original Melbourne space's $88 for 45 to 60 minutes of play.

The company, founded out of the same North Melbourne warehouse space that you can still visit, has nine locations worldwide and has solid plans in place to boost that to over 20 by the end of the year. [Zero Latency]

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    PRICES PRICES PRICES. Super keen for this, just around the corner from me.

    I remember hearing about this a few years back and since i live in Brissy i'm keen to check it out sometime =)

    Yeah i hope the prices are decent also.

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