A Cute Japanese Character For Enemas 

If there is a product, then a Japanese company probably has a cute character for it. Usually, it doesn't seem to matter what the product is. Case in point: The enema-themed character "Kan-chan".

[Images: ichijikuseiyaku]

According to NicoNico News, Ichijiku Pharmaceutical created the character in 2016, designing it after its home enema kits. The character's name "Kan-chan" is a pun on the word "kanchou" (浣腸).

The character is now introducing itself on Twitter and will be going around to different places.

The word "kanchou" might be familiar to some English speakers, because in Japan, it's an infamous childhood prank in which you ram your index fingers into an unsuspecting person's backside.

Here, enjoy some enema kit fan art. You're welcome!

As you can see in the photo below from website Kakeibo Mama, a Kan-chan plush toy version exists.

[Image: 40歳はじめての家計簿生活]

Of course, this isn't sold in stores or anything like that. Rather, it's used in promotional displays.

This isn't the first time that Ichijiku Pharmaceutical has tried making enemas cute.

This old advertising featured cute, colourful whales, which hopefully remind you of taking a dump.

Little kids, especially infants and toddlers, often get constipated, so an adorable character might make sense. But this is equally aimed at adults, who might also need some relief.


    I can't be the only one with his mind in the gutter with this one.

      When I was scrolling down and I saw the tip, I mean top, I thought it was going to be something else.

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