A Handy Tip For Destiny 2's Strike Boss

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

If you're struggling to fight off the sole strike boss in the Destiny 2 beta, here's a handy tip to save you a ton of time.

Dirt drillers aside, Destiny 2's Inverted Spire strike is a bit of a cakewalk. Most of the enemies don't pose much of a threat, and as long as you have the right weapons equipped at the right time even newcomers should have an easy time.

But the boss, Modular Mind, can be a bit of a pain in the arse. The actual boss battle has three phases to it. The first takes place across two platforms, with the boss teleporting around after taking a certain amount of damage.

That's easy enough. The second bit is where a lot of people trip up. After taking out the floor beneath you, and falling to the stage where the second phase takes place, the Modular Mind will occasionally turn the floor into lava, forcing players to jump onto one of the pillars or run out of the inner ring entirely.

Jumping onto the pillars is the most obvious move, but it leaves you exposed to the boss. Fortunately, there's a way you can stay out in the open - while damaging the boss at the same time:

Brilliant. This trick can be used throughout the boss fight, although you'll still need to jump onto the pillar or run around to avoid the lava floor in the second phase.

As for the healing field itself, only Warlocks (either Voidwalker or Dawnblade) can summon one, but it will heal every teammate standing within the zone. If a Titan is nearby, they can also throw up the small barrier covering the lower half of your bodies, which you can use to insta-reload by running through the barrier.

Another trick if you're not a Warlock, and don't have one nearby, is to stand on the little ledge behind each of the pillars. There's enough room to crouch behind it, which will let you dodge the Modular Mind's blasts. You can fire at will after that point, although you'll obviously want to pay attention to the mobs if they get close.


    He also does a massive knockback at times if you get too close, instakill via falling doom.

    Not a raid boss... a strike boss.

      I said strike plenty of times, including the headline, but sure. It's changed now. Just didn't want to repeat the same word over and over. -_-

        Incorrect, the reference is still there at the beginning of the third paragraph.

          Removed. I think it's splitting hairs a bit, given how much content is in the beta, but I genuinely appreciate you calling it out. Thanks mate.

        No problems Alex, I understand what you're saying but they're very different things and a destiny player knows that. You know this community, we're all very vocal but start referencing incorrect info about a raid that hasn't been revealed yet I'm sure you would hear a lot more about it and a wee Monkey correcting you from the sidelines. thanks for sorting it out :)

    The hardest part of that boss for me was when it crashed the game at the end of phase 1...

    Fortunately it let me rejoin my group straight away and kept my kill stats and everything for the run.

    Didn't find it terribly difficult when I ran it with a PUG, I'm sure there will be more complex encounters in the end game.

    Seems easy enough? First time doing it with 2 other random and finish all in one ago and done. Just need to be smart to have someone clearing mobs and standing on platform

    1st 2nd and most of the 3rd phase is extremely easy, the hard part is final 15% when it looses it head and the adds start spawning extremely fast. All the wipes ive had have been in that last 15% due to just getting over run.

    For the second phase, all you have to do is stay on the other ring and wait for flame attack to end ( lasts about 2 seconds), and then just move into the inner ring or lift (if titan) or double/triple jump (if hunter)

    Can I just say the whole environment of this mission was just utterly breathtaking from a visual stand point?

    Why is the guy in vid not loosing ammo or needing to reload - are there already cheats for this?

      It's an exotic weapon that refills with headshot I beleive. Super handy but not a great weapon overall

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