A Look Inside The Force Awakens’ New All-Ages Comic Adaptation

A Look Inside The Force Awakens’ New All-Ages Comic Adaptation

At Star Wars Celebration this year, IDW announced Star Wars Adventures, a new all-ages take on the galaxy far, far away, distinct from Marvel’s Star Wars comic book offerings. That distinction is continuing with a new, stylised take on The Force Awakens, and we have a new look inside.

Image: IDW. Cover art by Eric Jones.

Marvel already released its own adaptation of the movie last year, but like Adventures, this new graphic novel — written by Alessandro Ferrari and with art from Simone Buonfantino, Ken Shu, Roberto Santillo, Marco Ghiglione and Stefano Attardi — is aimed at younger Star Wars fans, making it a bit more of an approachable read, even if it’s an adaptation of the same source material.

One way it does stand out compared to Marvel’s adaptation: It has a much looser, cartoonier art style, which makes The Force Awakens feel like a Saturday morning cartoon rather than a blockbuster movie — which I suddenly would like to see actually happen. Check out the opening pages of the new adaptation below, making their debut here.

IDW’s Force Awakens adaptation is on shelves August 29.


  • I don’t really see the point of having comics made that are essentially the movie, panel for panel. To be fair, I’ve read and enjoyed movie to comics, such as Batman Returns.

    I really like the art style. I like the semi-cartoon look that is combined with good writing and some mature themes.

    Who am I kidding. I’d probably buy this.

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