A Reminder That Planet Coaster Is Nuts

A Reminder That Planet Coaster Is Nuts
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In the latest episode of “what insane stuff are people are making in Planet Coaster“, here’s The Dream Sequencer.

I’ve already written about some of the incredible rides Planet Coaster fans are putting together, especially after developers Frontier patched the game to allow users to add their own soundtracks.

And that’s what has allowed The Dream Sequencer to come about. It’s a ride inspired by musician Arjen Lucassen, who just happens to be a bit of a hero for Pixelated, the YouTuber responsible for this madness.

It’s … it’s unusual. If this ride existed in real life, I’d probably head to the nearest bar immediately for a drink.

If you want to see how the park actually came together in-game, there’s a good video between Pixelated and Channel5 Gaming that walks through it all. Pixelated has plenty of other great rides too, including a ride inspired by Limbo:

And a horror-themed coaster, called Dread:

All this makes me wonder just how nuts Frontier’s Jurassic Park game will be.

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