A World War 1 RTS In The Same Universe As Scythe

A World War 1 RTS In The Same Universe As Scythe

If you haven’t played it already, Scythe is an extremely good board game that blends strategy with massive mechs and the 1920’s. And now there’s a game set in the same universe.

Released last year, Scythe is a game for up to five players (seven with expansions) that sees players battling it out for victory points by balancing armies, controlling resources and managing territory. It’s an incredibly well made game, albeit one of the more expensive board games you’ll buy, but absolutely worth every dollar.

I Couldn't Be Happier That I Spent $170 On Scythe

Modern board games can cost a lot, and the Scythe is no exception. It cost me $170 a few weeks back to take the crowdfunded strategy game home, and since then it's been worth every single dollar.

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So running off the back of that is Iron Harvest, a new RTS that part Company of Heroes, part Scythe. It’s coming out for consoles as well as PC, which should be interesting from a UI standpoint, although a release date hasn’t been set as of yet.

Good reason to go back and replay Scythe, I think.


  • Love everything RTS related and the cross platform feature just makes it even more awesome.

    Honestly can’t remember when a console had a decent RTS on it since KKND2 Krossfire and that was nearly 19 years ago.. well over 18 until the end of next month.

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