OpenAI Bot Destroys Dota 2 Pro At The International

Go champions recently had their butts handed to them by Google's AlphaGo. If you thought video games might be safe from sophisticated AI challengers, at least for now, the bad news is the apocalypse is already here, with Dota 2 pro Danil "Dendi" Ishutin getting smashed one-on-one by OpenAI's Dota 2 bot.

The match occurred on-stage at The International earlier today. After a bit of back and forth between Dendi and the bot, Dendi goes for the kill and comes off second best. The next time around, Dendi doesn't fair much better. It's with this defeat he calls it a day.

Asked how the AI felt to play against, Dendi describes it as "a little bit like a human, but at the same time like something else". He's also not entirely convinced that it's impossible to beat, stating he'd "need more time" to observe its weaknesses, patterns and flaws.

Post-game, OpenAI's Greg Brockman explains that the AI is trained "from scratch", though it only takes an hour for it to "smash" the built-in bots. The display we see from it in this match reflects about two weeks of experience.

Right now, the bot is only capable of playing 1v1, with OpenAI promising 5v5 at next year's tournament. Now that will be something to see — the AI will require significantly more coordination, cohesion and adaptability.

OpenAI at The International [Open AI]


    I think that some of these articles try to reduce the intelligence of the human mind by describing how people are "destroyed" in these games. I actually see this in reverse. These AI are powered by immensely powerful machines making, in some cases, trillions of calculations per second, and have only just learnt to play childish games better than a human? It can't play with a team of other yet?? I guess that it never learnt to share when it was growing up and now doesn't play well with others.....
    I'd say it's the computers that are the sluggish ones.

    Artificial intelligence vs Natural stupidity!

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