Amazon Is Opening A Huge Warehouse In Melbourne

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Amazon's Australian retail offering is kicking off with a 24,000 square metre fulfillment centre in Melbourne's Dandenong South.

Amazon confirmed in a statement this morning the fulfillment centre will be in the Pellicano M2 Industry Park - promising easy access to the South Gippsland Highway, Monash Highway and Eastlink.

The retailer is recruiting for "hundreds of new jobs" including operations managers, pickers, packers, systems technicians, and HR specialists.

"We are thrilled to be creating hundreds of new roles in Dandenong South," said Robert Bruce, Amazon's Director of Operations for Australia.

"This is just the start. Over time, we will bring thousands of new jobs to Australia and millions of dollars of investment as well as opening up the opportunity for thousands of Australian businesses to sell at home and abroad through Amazon Marketplace."

Bruce says the new fulfilment centre will stock "hundreds of thousands of products" for delivery across the country once the retail store is launched.

A recent survey showed that a massive 90 per cent of us online shopping-types will use the service - if it comes good with the low prices, vast selection and fast delivery we've been promised, of course.

Expert analysis of the impact Amazon will have on Australian retail predicted a shocking result within the first five years we're talking major losses for JB Hi-Fi, Myer and Harvey Norman.

The figures are so damning that Harvey Norman may have already lost market value in part based on the analysis, with Gerry Harvey taking a $100 million hit to his personal wealth.


    But, but, but, Gerry Harvey said Amazon were full of shit and it would takes years for them to start setting up in Australia! If Gerry Harvey doesn't have an accurate picture of what's going on to whom will the government turn to write their GST policies?


    Great for shoppers, I hope they end up with the wharehouse in every state that was touted about.

      Considering that Amazon Prime is probably their biggest cash cow they'd need to have at least overnight delivery in all states in metropolitan and suburban areas, so i'd expect that we'd be getting a warehouse in every state.

      Depends what kind of timeframe they're going for. They do have same day delivery in the US but it took them a long time to get to that point. If they're only worrying about next day delivery here, about 90% of the population is in next day delivery areas. As long as they don't set up a warehouse in Bourke or the like, it doesn't make much difference what state it's in.

        Live in Tassie so hope we get one here. Even if it's a smaller one.

    Well moving back to the south east suburbs definitely has a new perk to it other than family, friends and work. Very excited to see how well the pricing in Australia will be

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