An Incredible Collection Of Horizon: Zero Dawn GIFs

Image: Kotaku

SunhiLegend is — as the name suggests — a legend. Like most people, I first came across SunhiLegend in NeoGAF where he regularly posts the most incredible GIFs.

But then I discovered his Twitter account.

And then I discovered his collection of Horizon: Zero Dawn GIFs.

Oh my...

These are a little bit old, but I thought I'd shared anyway. SunhiLegend's Twitter moment contains around 60 GIFs, but he estimates he's made at least 100. It's funny, even though Horizon: Zero Dawn was released like six months ago, we've sort of stopped talking about it. What a glorious video game it was.


    Looking forward to finally playing this. Had so many games on my list to play and I've finally made a big enough dent to reach it.

      Its the story that makes it worth it. It elevates whats really just a solid game into something that deserves to contend for GOTY.

        This is what I'm most looking forward to. I just platinum-throphied Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - and now just getting the last few in Unity - and whilst I loved the game (one of my fave AC games now), the story kind of sucks, especially in certain spots. So to play a game that not only has great gameplay but also a fantastic story, it's getting me excited.

    The game is so rarely spoken about that the last article Kotaku did about it was two weeks ago, for the the highly anticipated expansion pack that was a major feature in Sony's E3 conference.

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