Anime Saint Seiya Is Getting A Netflix Remake 

Anime Saint Seiya Is Getting A Netflix Remake 
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The Saint Seiya anime, which ran from 1986 to 1989, is coming to life again with a new CG anime remake courtesy of Netflix and Toei Animation.

[Image: Saint Seiya Wikia]

Saint Seiya follows a group of warriors known as “Saints” who protect a reincarnated Athena against other Greek gods determined to rule the world.

Titled Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya, the remake’s first season will be 12 episodes, each 30 minutes long. According to Cinema Today, Yoshiharu Ashino is directing, and the show will follow the Galaxy War arc to the Silver Saint arc.

(C)Masami Kurumada / Toei Animation via Cinema Today

(C)Masami Kurumada / Toei Animation via Cinema Today

No word on when the show will begin streaming other than “soon”.


  • No.

    Just no.

    3DCG just does not work well for anime. You lose everything that gives anime its style, regardless of how much budget you throw in. And if you half-ass it you get disappointing crap like the recent Berserk series.

    • The only CG anime series I can remember seeing was Zoids, and that was half-half, and to be fair without a bunch of time and budget if they didn’t CG the big robot battles I can imagine those fights would have been shit.

      • There’s cases where 3DCG effects are integrated with traditional 2D animation really well – ufotable are kind of the masters at it right now. Using it for mecha fights kind of makes sense.

    • GG Xrd has shown that it can work, you just have to put effort into it and not think that just because you’re using 3D it will animate itself.

      • That’s a game though, with a fixed perspective and everything. Expectations are different.

  • Anime Saint Seiya Is Getting A Netflix Remake


    a new CG anime remake


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