Aussie Streamer Plays Splatoon 2 Using A DDR Arcade Machine

Aussie Streamer Plays Splatoon 2 Using A DDR Arcade Machine
Image: PeekingBoo / Twitch

OK, it’s not quite playing Dark Souls with a drum set, but I’m more than happy to give kudos to Perth-based streamer PeekingBoo and his impressive attempt to control Splatoon 2 using an actual DDR arcade machine. And not just with one pad, but two.

Unfortunately, even with both pads in action, PeekingBoo has to deal with a number of limitations when controlling the character, as explained to us via email:

…I can’t move backward, I can’t strafe left or right, I have to commit to every movement I make and rely on slow-turning tank controls to bail me out of deadly situations.

In order to perform a squid jump (longer than a regular jump and mandatory for most challenges), I need to squat down holding 2 buttons with my feet while using my hand to reach across to a third button to perform the action such as during this boss fight.

If you’re wondering how PeekingBoo managed to hook the machine up to his Switch, here’s a handy diagram:

Image: PeekingBoo

Is it a practical way to play the game? Heck no. But if you happen to have a DDR arcade machine gathering dust somewhere, this has to be one of the more creative ways of putting it to use.

DDR Highlight || Splatoon 2 | Into the Octo Oven [Twitch]

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