Battlegrounds Player Infiltrates Red Shirt Squad, Blows Them Up

Battlegrounds Player Infiltrates Red Shirt Squad, Blows Them Up

Staying alive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be a challenge that requires quick thinking. Faced with a massive squad of enemies, one Korean streamer decided to go undercover before blasting them into bits.

Squad matches in Battlegrounds normally split players into teams of four. To get around this limitation and engage in wider collusion with other teams, players will sometimes create uniforms to make sure they don’t fire on each other. Streamer ther01231 encountered a large group wearing red shirts, members of which promptly killed his teammates.

Alone and facing certain death, he slipped on a red shirt of his own and snuck into their ranks.

It’s a tactic that’s been done before with some success with players who take off pants or put on specific jackets to blend into the crowd.

Ther01231 managed to take it even further by successfully travelling with the team and patiently waiting to get his revenge.

As the group gathered to distribute loot, he rolled a grenade into the middle of them, killing five enemies in one explosion. He then killed off the remaining two survivors with a shotgun blast to the face.

The daring strategy helped him last late into the match, when he was unfortunately sniped with twenty players left. Hopefully, he’ll remember to take off the red shirt next time.