Best Present Ever: An Aussie Studio Is Making Custom Romantic Games

Best Present Ever: An Aussie Studio Is Making Custom Romantic Games
Image: Supplied

In one of those wonderful romantic gestures you usually only read about, Aussie game developer Jackson Frew made a video game for his girlfriend.

“It was a top-down game, walking through a museum with photos of us on the walls and a message at the end wishing her a happy anniversary,” he told Kotaku.

Frew thought this might be something that other people would like to do for their partners as well, and so – Heart2Game was born.

A division of established studio Amelus Digital, Heart2Game makes romantically-themed, customised, personalised games to give as gifts.

The basic package, based on the Museum scenario Frew made for his partner, starts at $300-$400, and takes about a week in development time. It includes up to three customed-designed characters, dialouge and an “optional combat scene” at the end. It can be created for anniversaries, proposals, or just a unique way to say “I love you”.

But Heart2Game really can customise the experience to whatever you want – depending on your budget, of course.

“We provide short storylines based on what the customer wants, in the form of Visual Novels, Turn Based RPGs, Shmups, Platformers, even First-Person Shooters,” Frew said.

It can be developed as a mobile game – including Augmented Reality, a PC or Mac game or even Virtual Reality.

“We can add extra characters, features, dialogue, scenarios, or create a whole new project,” Frew said.

Despite only launching today, enquiries have already begun, and we are looking forward to keeping you updated with the lovely games created by the studio in the coming weeks.