Binging With Breath Of The Wild

Binging With Breath Of The Wild

Binging with Babish is one of the best cooking shows on YouTube, and their latest episode is one of the best – because it’s all about recipes from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild isn’t the first game to incorporate cooking or the preparation of ingredients into gameplay. Stat boosts from meals could be a key factor in tough Final Fantasy 15 fights, and cooking has been a profession in World of Warcraft since the end of time.

But Zelda is awesome, and that’s really all the excuse Binging with Babish needed to recreate some of the recipes in real life. Featured: mushroom risotto, cooked over a good old campfire:

Baked apples, also over a campfire:

And a “monster cake” with durian, which is basically an airy small cake with lots of ube extract, ube yams (or white yam if that’s all you can get) and cream cheese icing.

The whole video is embedded below. The baked apples and mushroom risotto are two recipes that most people can make quite practically, the latter particularly if you have a pressure cooker, or one of those neat pressure cooker/slow cooker combo machines.


  • Its not like Breath of the Wild unless your gorge yourself on your cooking while being chased by a guardian.

  • First thing vid does is start with self-promo advert. That’s an immediate don’t-watch. At least have the class an dself-restraint to leave it til the end and I’ll give it some consideration.

    • I’m fairly sure this is the only video he’s ever done that in, he’s genuinely a very fun guy to watch cook

      I’d strongly suggest giving some of his other videos a try

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