Bomber Crew Is A (Cute) WW2 Bomber Sim

The Allied bombing campaigns during the Second World War were devastatingly serious business, but Bomber Crew is trying to chip that grimness away in favour of a more Cannon Fodder-y approach to destroying cities.

It's a "strategic survival sim" that puts you in command of a very cute little Lancaster bomber and its crew, as you assign everyone to perform jobs like piloting, shooting at enemy fighters and climbing out onto wings to put out fires before they cause an explosion.

I've got very fond memories of 1992's B-17 Flying Fortress, so I'll be keen to try this out when it launches on PC in October.


    Actually, that's rather neat. I'll keep an eye out for that :)

    In other flight news, the latest update for the Eastern front Battle of Kuban came out yesterday for the new Il-2 Sturmovik sim. Pretty nice!

    There aren't exactly many bomber sims out there and even less about the Lancaster. I will definitely be picking this up

    This looks like it could have been an amazing couch co-op game but they haven't got any multiplayer from what I can see :(

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