Capcom Is Re-Releasing Street Fighter 2 On A SNES Cartridge

Super Nintendo nostalgia is reaching fever pitch, and now even Capcom is getting into the act with a re-release of Street Fighter II on a Super NES cartridge.

Produced in conjunction with iam8bit, this $US100 ($127) collector's edition is available to order now and will ship in November.

The $US100 ($127) package will include a working SNES cartridge that plays Street Fighter II and will come in one of two colours: "Opaque Ryu Red" or "Translucent Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka Green." It will be a limited edition of 5,500, and the glow-in-the-dark copies will number just 1,000 of those — and be randomly distributed.

It will also include a foil-stamped box, a "premium" instruction manual, and other goodies:

And the kicker? Iam8bit says this will be but its first release in a "Legacy Cartridge Collection," so it will be making even more of these. My wallet. It's crying.


    Hey Kotaku AUSTRALIA - it might be worth noting that this is only playable on an American NTSC console, since most of us have PAL SNES consoles. Said so right there on the page:

    Featuring one of two colored cartridges, each housing the original game code and fully playable on NTSC consoles - but that’s just the beginning!

      Sigh. I was just thinking it might be worth dusting off the snes for. Oh well.

    Looks really cool, but damn that price tag is quite pretty, especially with international shipping. Be cool to see what other games come out for it though - what le it's NTSC only, I'm sure the Retron 5 or similarncan play them yeah?

    Keep in mind these are NTSC cartridges.

    To play these in Australia, you'll need to buy either a SNES-clone, of which there are many available which can play NTSC carts, or buy a second-hand NTSC-U SNES from somewhere like ebay, and use with a step-down converter.

    $127!? Bargain!
    I remember buying SF Turbo for the SNES for $130 24 years ago!

    I wouldn't trust iam8bit with my money ever again - not after the multiple massive delays in the no mans sky collectors edition - once they even replaced their "back-end" on their site and no one could log in to check their orders anymore and they advised me to just create a new account. dodgy.

    Just remember the Retron 5 couldnt even play the SNES Street Fighter Fighter Alpha II . The Cart was locked to either Jap or US SNES .

      I think you'll find it couldn't play it because it had a special chip in it

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