Clear Cases For The Nintendo Switch Look Very Nice

Clear Cases For The Nintendo Switch Look Very Nice

Remember when Nintendo used to make everything, from the N64 to the Game Boy Advance, in a clear case? They don’t really do it any more, but you can pretend they do with these replacement Nintendo Switch cases.

They have started turning up on retailers such as Aliexpress (via Go Nintendo), and look pretty damn great. Be careful, though: You’ll obviously need to unscrew your Switch’s existing case and expose the console to the elements before putting this new one on there, and while that isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, it’s not for everyone.

If clear isn’t your thing, you can also get some matte coloured ones which also look very nice.


  • Having seen a bunch of videos around how much effort Nintendo place into their quality control for hand controls. Especially ingress of humidity etc….and how expensive they are….I’d be inclined to leave them as they are.

    Replace your Joycon cases at your own risk. Certain to void warranty.

    • Keep your original cases to put back on in case or warranty issues, problem solved.

      If you’ve chucked them you could still get warranty if it was an issue unrelated to the cases, although you’d have to fight them on it and probably get the ACCC to weigh in.

      I modified my Wii and got the disk drive replaced when it packed it in.

  • Nintendo need to make some goddamn games for the console rather than new colours for the console. They need to invest their cash into attracting developers to the platform.

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