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I've seen some remarkably silly headlines surrounding Sonic Mania over the last week. None of them, mind you, was due to Sonic Mania being bad. The opposite, in fact.

I've always been one of those people that enjoyed the original Sonic games but never fell completely in love with the hype. Still, I do understand the fandom behind the blue hedgehog to some degree, and seeing Sonic Mania play completely to that crowd - while offering something new - was wonderful.

But. That resulted in some absurd coverage of late, including gems like "Sonic Mania is the only good Sonic game".

Have people not played Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed? For the love of God.

Anyway, Sonic Mania. Perhaps the game's only real crime is that there isn't enough content. But as regular Sonic fans will tell you, the joy is in replaying levels, discovering new paths, retrying old paths with new characters.

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How have you found Sonic Mania so far - and what platform have you been playing it on?


    Will pick it up for the Switch when there is a lull. It's all about Splatoon 2 at the moment.

    Picked it up on PS4, loving it so far. Some of the level design is very confusing though, very Sonic CD-esque I think. Haven't finished it yet but certainly its a great deal of fun. 2D sonic at 60 fps feels so good :)

    Yeah, it's an amazing game. I knocked it over in a couple of days, but I've plenty left to do and unlock yet.

    I still just can't get over how great it is. I grew up on this exact formula. Nintendo kids had their formula respected and repeated... mine, not so much. Anyways, I've got it now, and I love it to pieces :)

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