Community Review: Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Community Review: Uncharted The Lost Legacy

I’ve often wondered what Uncharted would be like sans Nathan Drake. As it turns out, not too bad.

The Lost Legacy was the first outing – possibly the last, but you never know – for the Uncharted series without its cover star. And while that’s a lot of in-built recognition to throw away, teaming up Chloe and Nadine ended up going down a treat according to Jackson and Kirk.

The Uncharted Legacy

When our skin begins to shrink away and our bodies go cold and rigid, what do we leave behind?

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy: The Kotaku Review

Uncharted. The Lost Legacy is an easy video game to like in spite of its flaws. It's buoyed by a winning cast of characters and has some of the prettiest vistas this side of an actual trip to India. It also includes one of the most entertaining hidden features I've ever encountered in a video game.

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The fun in the photo mode aside (and no, it’s not what you’d get with a normal photo mode), the friendship between Chloe and Nadine was “the most appealing aspect”, according to Kirk. “Their relationship needle swings too wildly between friend and foe at times, but by the time the curtains fell I found myself believing in their friendship and rooting for them to succeed. How nice, too, to play a video game where the bulk of the story revolves around two women working together.”

There’s also the advantage that Lost Legacy takes the improved mechanics from Uncharted 4, but doesn’t adopt its sluggish pacing. It’s roughly 11 or 12 hours, a lot more on par with the superb Uncharted 2, and apparently the finale is a cracker too.

How have you found the latest Uncharted so far?


  • Finished it yesterday. Other than the lack of Nathan Drake / Sully, I loved it. Just about the perfect length for this kind of game. If I had one major criticism of Uncharted 4 it was that it felt a bit too long, which seems to be a common theme with a lot of AAA games these days. I’d buy a lot more games on day 1 if they were this price and length instead of double the price and 3 times the length. Although most don’t have this level of polish.

    Other than that, it was basically the same mechanics from Uncharted 4. A bit of open world free exploration stuff, a bit of linear platform / puzzle / combat stuff, and a bit of your awesome Uncharted action set piece stuff. All with the absolutely first rate production values you always get from Naughty Dog.

    If you’re not already a fan of the series then there’s not much here for you (ie it’s basically more Uncharted 4). If you are a fan then it’s pretty exactly what you’d want (ie it’s basically more Uncharted 4).

    • It’s the same length as the earlier games and was greatly expanded by the devs from the original planned DLC. I got it for next to nothing thanks to the season pass, but wouldn’t be bothered about paying $40-50 in a shop. The price is also much cheaper than a poorer quality new release game.

  • I’m waiting until it’s cheaper/there’s less to play – I love Chloe as a character and am interested to see more of Nadine (liked what I saw in 4 even though I hated being constantly ambushed by her idiots), but I feel a weary internal sigh at the thought of having to slog through more of Naughty Dogs aged, bullet sponge-y combat. Geezus can they do graphics and characters, fun gameplay? Yeah, not so much – let’s hope the shorter length of this one makes it far more palatable when I do pick it up as it’s a very weird feeling to really want – and not want – to play a game 🙂

    • It’s like an Uncharted highlight reel. If you like Uncharted you’ll enjoy it a lot since it basically grab bags the greatest parts of all the other games and delivers it concisely compared to 4.

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