Cosplay Heats Up Japan In August 

Cosplay Heats Up Japan In August 

Yesterday the summer Comic Market got underway at Tokyo Big Sight. Where there are comics, there are cosplayers, and you can bet the biannual Comiket is crawling with those.

[Image: Ladybeard_Japan]

As in the past, the cosplayers at year’s summer Comic Market run the gamut of incredibly accurate to incredibly silly. The result is some truly enjoyable cosplay.

Have a look for yourself!


  • The thing with Ladybeard that bothers me a little bit is how he ended up in a musical act with those two young models. But they weren’t just any upcoming young talent. At least one of them spent her childhood in so-called junior Idol swimsuit modelling, which puts underage girls in quite sexually suggestive poses and costumes for the titillation of adult readers. These kinds of magazines have been banned in some countries because they sexualize underage girls. The models “graduated” from that by turning 18. This ladybeard, and not so innocent boy from Adelaide, surely must have known about this history. While it’s not his responsibility how these girls were exploited in the past, I do wonder if validating the junior Idol industry is a good idea.

    • So what do you think should happen? The girls were in idol magazines so now they simply can’t be acknowledged or hired any more? You’re not validating the idol industry by supporting girls who used to be part of it, punishing the girls who used to be in it seems like a pretty dick move.

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