Destiny 2 Fans Are Angry Over Aim Assist For Controllers

Image: Bungie/NVIDIA

Destiny 2 landing on PC has been a godsend for players who missed out the first time around. But it's also sparked a debate over the last couple of days over the strength of aim assist for controllers, not just because it exists, but because it might also inadvertently help out those playing with mouse and keyboard as well.

The problem, as pointed out on various subreddits and the official Destiny 2 forums, revolves around an unfair advantage. As critics say, the level of aim assist on controllers right now is akin to a free, developer sanctioned aimbot.

This isn't new for Destiny, of course. The original game was always generous with aim assist, with particular guns (Bad Juju was especially egregious) getting more help than others. But aim assist isn't a way of life on PCs, which is why clips like this have started to generate such a furore among Destiny 2 fans on PC. (You'll see it more effectively if you slow the footage down to 0.25x.)

The real kicker isn't just that controllers have aim assist, but that nefarious users can trick Destiny 2 into thinking that they're using a controller on a PC. That allows them the precision of a mouse and keyboard setup, while also getting the benefit of Bungie's generous aim assist:

There was also a post on the Destiny 2 subreddit outlining how users could enable aim assist for mouse and keyboard controls, directions that have since been removed.

To their credit, the aim assist issue is something Bungie was aware of before the PC beta began. "This is a topic we have anticipated," a developer wrote on the official forums.

"It’s a conversation we will continue to monitor. Please continue to share honest feedback about your experiences in the wild. This is why we test ... we’ll talk more after the PC Beta."

The most logical solution, of course, is to disable aim assist in PvP scenarios. Bungie has already publicly indicated that the PC and console versions would be balanced separately - ala Overwatch - although whether the Destiny 2 engine can easily support such a feature may be another matter entirely.

Nonetheless, Bungie's aware of it. Nothing will change by the time the open beta ends, mind you, which won't come as any comfort to gamers raging over the magnetic attraction of their head in PvP.

But it's an interesting fork in the ongoing discussion when it comes to controllers versus mouse and keyboard - and the response will no doubt be tracked closely by any developers looking to combine mouse and keyboard users with their controller wielding counterparts.


    Hah. Never underestimate some gamers need to 'game' a system. I played it on PC with a controller and while it looked and played gloriously in strike and mission, and I was totally conflicted where to buy it, but a few matches in the crucible made me stay with PS4pro. Yes there was aim assist but for me it didn't feel like enough to make controllers feel like those users were on a level playing field. I could imagine people like Hush absolutely destroying in there though

      Could you expand on why crucible made you prefer console over PC? I don't plan on getting this game at all, but I'm curious what the draw ended up being for you.

        I can't speak for @blakeavon but I felt the same. I enjoy playing this using a controller more than kb+m, its the feel of the game in your hands. And from personal experience I did better in PVP using a kb+m but when it came to feel, controller was a lot better. I'm getting the game on PS4 and PC because of friends on both platforms and I have no issue going that way. I believe I'll put most progress in PS4, but in the longevity of the game I'll end up catching up on PC and still having fun on both platforms

        I dont want to seat up at a desk for hours on end, due to injured and comfort. Which means if I got on PC to go through my 4k tv, I would be using a controller. But even with generous aim assist with controllers, you are still playing against people with k/m, with all the accuracy and mouse precision, keyboard shortcuts that brings. So while you can still achieve to a degree it is unbalanced. (dont mean in a pvp balance dev sense, but in terms of tech)

        Not to mention I just find console more chilled in pvp. Dont get me wrong, some still take it very seriously, consoles just feel more 'casual'. Which suits me more these days, I arent playing to be the best, or competitive, I am just playing for fun. To do my writs and quests not to decimate.

        The 60fps are splendid, the visuals delightful, the game looks and plays more spritely in pve, just after my two sessions in crucible that crispiness in movement just made me feel like the lack of precision in the controller was amplified. I will keep trying over the weekend. I might adjust.

          I definitely get you. But on that last paragraph, i feel differently. To me the crispness of movement from the high FPS overcame the lack of precision of a controller rather than amplified it. And then for me the comfortableness of using a controller rather KB for everything else (grenade, powers, super etc) made me definitely prefer controller, and i was doing very very well too.

      Hmm thats funny, i am the complete opposite, i thought i would get annihilated while using controller but i actually did far better than when i used the M+KB, admittedly im not great at using a keyboard but i am good with the mouse. I was at the top of each match using an auto rifle playing with controller. so im definitely going with PC now. I Have always been good at shooting games on Xbox, so now on PC playing at 90+fps instead of 30 means i can do even better with the controller.

      It was the same for me for Titanfall 2, on PC using controller i was getting ~10 titan kills and ~20 pilot kills with only a couple deaths every match while on xbox im barely getting 5 and 10. I really think it must be due to playing at much higher FPS, so i can dominate even with a controller.

      Anyway, random story is over, but i just thought i'd say for anyone thinking of playing on PC with a controller, definitely give it a shot you may do much better than you'd think

        interesting stuff, yeah I was going to stick with it over the weekend, I could have just been having a rubbish day or the people I was playing against were on a roll.

      Coming from a former halo 3 mlg player that placed first in ffa nd second for team. I still play way better on a kb+m. Kb+m (kd) 4.0-5.0 controller 2.0-3.0

    "WAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Controllers exist in my PC Master Race vidya gaem!!! Players who use controllers on PC are cheaters and not real gamers!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!"

    Seriously, that's how it all sounds. So many people complaining about aim assist for controllers are upset because they have it hard wired into their PC Master Race minds that FPS games are Keyboard & Mouse only and anything different is giving someone else, other than them, an advantage and it sucks for them. It's nothing but a superiority ego complex those players have, nothing more, nothing less.

    Controllers exist, people will use those controllers and the developers are well within their means to put in code that helps controller using players have a chance at doing just as well as the KB+M users. These complaints are the exact same as the ones as console players have for KB+M users in PS4/XB1 Overwatch, just reversed cause for once it's the controller users who have the advantage.

      I take it you read the headline and not the article. No one cares about controllers having aim assist, frankly they need all the help they can get, the problem is you can trick the game to give aim assist to the keyboard and mouse.

      You clearly didn't read the article, this isn't a controller issue.

        clearly you guys aint reading either then, in the article there are screenshots of people raging to get the controller support removed because they don't belong in the PC masterrace. Pathetic if you ask me.

      I remember someone in a forum asking for a configuration file/Set up advice for using a controller for Stalker: Call of Pripyat, The typical response by ppl was mind numbing, I game on pc & ps4 & generally see the benefits to both Kb & controller., Pc fanboyism regarding keyboard vs controller is beyond ridiculous.

      I think you need to read the article. The issue here is KB+M users gaming the system so that they also get the benefit of aim assist that a controller has.

      So if you think of it that KB+M is already an advantage over controller (which is why controllers gets the aim-assist) then what these guys are doing is making the KB+M advantage even stronger.

      A wise man once said, "read before you write", can't remember who though.

      Also you might want to tone it down a little. Most people are happy to have a civil discussion, and betas are the perfect place to express your thoughts on an upcoming game. Not only are controllers not the issue here, there are valid arguments at hand and you come off as precisely the sort of person you say you abhor when all you can do is spew nonsense without reading or, apparently, thinking.

        Read and look at the article better, hes reacting to the screenshots of people demaning controller support to be removed because they think it doesn't belong in the Pc Masterrace.

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