Did You Like The Latest Game Of Thrones Season?

So after a frantic couple of months, the penultimate Game of Thrones season has come to a close. Question is: was it any good?

There was always going to be pacing issues with the seventh GoT season, considering it was a shorter run. I didn't expect it to be quite so blatant, though, with instances of characters having travelled (supposedly) thousands of miles in between scenes.

So that was a touch jarring. But I think I'll take that in future if it avoids some of the show's pitfalls in earlier seasons, where episodes got bogged down in backstories that didn't go anywhere, or characters with too many padded scenes. Case in point: Arya's time in Braavos.

All in all, I enjoyed the episodes - but I'm also ready for the show to properly wrap up. It's started to adopt a tone and direction that feels like an ordinary fantasy TV show. That might just be a case of TV fatigue, as can happen with anything that has run for several seasons.

What did you think of the latest Game of Thrones season?


    Sure. It was basically an action movie, but it was enjoyable enough.

    It's hard to say...the writing definitely got a little clunky but then this is what the fans have dreamt of for years right ? The white walkers coming to attack and everyone forming an alliance to repel them. I think as the show morphed from one of political intrigue to more full on fantasy it was always going to be jarring. I liked it but sure it could have been better.

    Spot on Alex. I really miss the character development - but this is more likely a side-effect of arriving at the end. Looking forward to Theon's adventure to rescue Yara.

    I just hope it's not a vanilla ending with Jon & Dani defeating Cersei and the whitewalkers. I would like to see a red-wedding style unexpected tragedy unfold.

      GRRM has always said he is ending the story over a graveyard ... interesting to see if he means that metaphorically or not!

    It's hard to enjoy it when the quality declined so dramatically. There was zero development, the writing was poor and the story-telling disjointed, way too many convenient plot-devices...

    I can't honestly say that I liked it.

    Yeah it was great! Any other questions?

    It's GoT, I loved it, but I did think it was rushed and the quality of writing has dropped big time. The teleportation also bugged me.

    Game of Thrones season 7 achievement unlocked: Fast Travel !

    Yeah it feels rushed but I enjoyed it :)

    Has not been a single seasons or episode that I have not enjoyed. Some feel more rushed that others and some are quieter but its still GoT. Best TV created by far.

    Was annoyed by the Sansa/Ayra plotline and expected it to go nowhere. Luckily the finale was awesome and totally made up for it by doing something unexpected with it

    Enjoyed it.

    Yes, things moved much faster all of a sudden, which was kind of jarring given the pace at which winter had previously been coming, but there was a lot to digest and plenty of great scenes with characters that hadn't met before or hadn't seen each other in a long time.

    Nope. Not at all. Started slinging to usual tropes of the 'protagonist shield', fast travel, deus ex machina...

    Favourite episode was where I thought Jaime might've actually drowned to death. That would've been a real surprise.

    Apart from the episode 6, it was great and the last episode as good as any other GoT season. 6 was a fraction sloppy - but the worst ep of GoT is still better then the best episodes of most every other show.

    Worst season so far... Felt way too rushed.

    I'm just gonna leave this here:

    "Oh, so Game of Thrones is a bit hard to believe, is it? Got a few inconsistencies, does it? You've managed to spot a plot-hole, have you? You're a bit put out by the fact the writers didn't properly calculate the correct sailing time between Eastwatch and Dragonstone. You're angry you never got a flashback explaining exactly how the millennia-old king of the undead managed to find some chains. It's all gotten so difficult to swallow, you lament.
    I have one question for you: how about you show a bit of bloody gratitude?
    Here you are, in the best of all possible timelines, able to watch epic fantasy play out in the comfort of your own living room, and all you can do is nit-pick.
    Game of Thrones provides opportunities that previous generations of television watchers can only dream of: the sight of massive battles, armies of walking corpses and dragons! A generation ago, the only way we could see dragons was reading an illustrated edition of The Hobbit or dropping acid before The Golden Girls. Every day you should get down on your knees and thank the television industry for what it has wrought in this age.
    You geeks, you don't realise what TV was like in the olden days. We didn't get spectacular wide-screen warfare. We counted it as cutting-edge SFX if an episode of Prisoner went by without the walls wobbling. And as for full frontal nudity – well, that was just one of many areas in which Blue Heelers let us down week after week.
    So to those of us who lived through these barren years, it's astounding that anyone could receive the blessings of GoT and do anything but rejoice. When the show returns for its final season next year, I pray we can all unite in simple thanks for the beauty of sex, violence and dragons."

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