Donkey Kong Country Somehow Makes Toto's Africa Better

Image: Nintendo

The things people can do with Donkey Kong are amazing.

Take Toto's Africa. Normally, it's an ordinary 80's song about a white boy singing a song about a country and continent he's never visited. In 2017, Africa usually pops up after midnight when the bar is trashed or it's karaoke night and the DJ needs a tune that people know the lyrics to.

And hey, when you're shitfaced, Africa isn't too bad.

But you know what makes it better?

Getting rid of the lyrics and replacing the sounds with the soundfont from Donkey Kong Country.

The internet is great.


    Toto's Africa is an ordinary song??? GTFOH

      Deadset boss of a song. I won't hear any other story!!!!

    I have heard this song a hell of a lot lately, is it having a comeback or become a meme?

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