EA's Basketball Game Now Has Women's Teams

Let's be clear, NBA Live is not as good as NBA 2K. But EA's series now has one clear advantage over its rival, in that it's going to have WNBA players and teams available in its lineup.

Following on from FIFA's introduction of women's football a few years back, it's a great move by EA, who have scanned a lot of the league's best players for custom models in the game.

Sadly, women's players here aren't quite as integrated into NBA Live as they are FIFA; there are no tournaments or leagues available to play through, as you can only choose to play as WNBA teams in one-off games (online or off) against other WNBA teams.

Still, it's year one. I'm sure more stuff like that can come later.


    We no dunk, but good fundamentals, that more fun to watch!

    The number of people who play as WNBA teams will be the same as the attendance at WNBA games, next to nothing.

    And no one cares, because no one knows who they are in Australia...

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