There have been a lot of Enrol To Vote reminders on social media over the past couple of weeks regarding the marriage equality plebiscite. This is my new favourite!

Old school Age of Empires fans will remember the beloved Wololo priests well. So do the Australian Young Greens.

In a recent post on their Facebook page, they have ‘converted’ one of the priests — depicting him with a rainbow sash and the punderful caption ‘Enrololo’, to remind people to enrol and update their details.

Considering it’s the 20th anniversary of the original release and Age of Empires IV was just announced at Gamescom, this is perfect timing.

It also isn’t the first time that the group has created their own political memes from pop culture. In fact, their pinned post is an adaption of The Simpson’s ‘Yvan Eht Niaj’ joke.

Well played.


  • Should also remind people to not put glitter on your form as that’ll invalidate it. You can draw on it all you want as long as your “Yes” or “No” (why?) is clearly visible, just no glitter.

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