Everything You Need To Know About Destiny's Story

Image: Eric Newgard

If you're looking to play the Destiny 2 beta later this week, but have no idea what happened in the original Destiny, don't worry. This video has got your back.

Put together by YouTuber "My name is Byf", the video spans 90 minutes and covers the entirety of Destiny's lore and story. For instance, did you know in Destiny that human life spans had tripled? How engrams came to be? Or what taboo practices resulted in the Speaker banishing Osiris from the Tower?

Chances are you probably don't care, but the detail is there nonetheless. And if you're curious as to how Destiny brings everything together, then this 90 minute video is more thorough than, well, actually playing Destiny.

The amount of little details is incredible, especially considering how much of it wasn't openly or initially communicated. But that's part and parcel of game development - hardly anything goes to plan, really.

The Messy, True Story Behind The Making Of Destiny

In the summer of 2013, months before they were supposed to ship their next video game, the game developers at Bungie went into panic mode.

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    Might want to credit the owner of the top image?
    Fairly certain it's Impact Props.

      Thanks! Was an image in our backend that didn't have details, but I've fixed it up (and linked back to his IG as well).

    It's an hour and a half long.

    So about four times longer than all the story cutscenes in Destiny put together.

    I don't even time to explain why I don't have the time.....to explain......time......explanations...wizard from the moon.

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