Final Fantasy 15's Multiplayer Has A Ridiculously Detailed Character Creator

Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer beta went live yesterday, and in it, you can hack-and-slash through a few short quests. You can also spend hours creating your very own avatar, adjusting everything from facial tattoos to, uh, lower jaw width.

There's a lot of detail in this thing, to the point where you can actually choose two parents for your character, who will look like a hybrid of their faces.

You can adjust various parts of your character's face and body, and you can of course give them the tackiest tattoo of all time:

Here's my character, who owns:

Many of the options are locked out, however. One might wonder why Final Fantasy 15, a single-player role-playing game that came out nine months ago, is getting multiplayer DLC. A safe bet is that publisher Square Enix will include some sort of cosmetic microtransactions when this multiplayer mode does ship, and that you'll be able to deck out your character in even more creative ways.

As for the main contents of the beta, well, if you've played Final Fantasy 15's combat, you know what you're getting. You work with a team of three other people (either AIs or other players) and select from a handful of quests such as "defeat the Naga" or "escort this train without letting it get killed". You and your party are all members of the Kingsglaive, Final Fantasy 15's elite fighting force, which means you all have access to Noctis's warp strike and magical spells. You can also summon many of his weapons, such as katanas, glaives and shurikens.

You can no doubt picture the loop here: Every time you finish a quest, you'll get some experience and items. The beta doesn't keep track of your progress very well, but presumably the main game will let you keep unlocking cooler quests the more you play. Hopefully some of those quests ask you and your party to do more than just fight monsters. (Maybe some cooperative puzzles?)

The beta has some connection issues — it's a beta! — and if you do give it a spin, you might have to try a few times before you actually get into a game. But it's fun. Final Fantasy 15's combat is still good. And, most importantly, you can adjust your character's lower jaw width.


    Not going to lie, some drool escaped my mouth.

    I can't wait for this thing now!

    Let's calm down.

    This makes me lament:

    a) how terrible the ME:A character creation was, and
    b) how terrible FFXV was

      It was hardly 'terrible'. Gamers expectations tend to be a little inflated in this day and age.
      Can probably list a hundred games which are actually terrible.

        After XIII and the 10-year development cycle, I can assure you my expectations were very low. The fact that XV failed to even meet those expectations makes it "terrible" in my book. Just because you can list 100 worse games doesn't make XV any better.

      I wouldn't call Final Fantasy XV "terrible" but at the end of the day, you're entitled to your opinion, that's cool.

      I personally enjoyed FFXV for the most part. It felt "fresh" and "new" for a Final Fantasy game. The combat system was really fun, I enjoyed the exploration aspect (especially tomb hunting), the graphics and soundtrack were phenomenal.

      In saying that, the story was... poorly told. It reminds me of George Lucas in Star Wars, e.g. great ideas and imagination, but difficulty in writing.

      Chapter thirteen sucks so much.

        I think the problem with FFXV was that it never felt "epic" in the way that my favourite Final Fantasy games did.

        The stakes never felt all that high, not like they did in things like Final Fantasy VII (where the world was at stake) or Final Fantasy VIII (where we were dealing with the fate of entire nations for a lot of the game), even FFIX and FFX (Where the decline of the franchise began) still made you feel something about the world and your role in protecting it.

        I disagree here. It didnt feel fresh and new, it felt like the game had been in development for 10+ years. There are so many stupid game design elements (driving is pointless, curfew system, levelling system, summons are amazing but pointless), the game world is huge but overall empty, and literally every character in the game is some boring personality devoid stereotype. The story wasnt just poorly told, it was poor to begin with. I dont even remember where I stopped playing because there's no major landmark event in the story worth worrying about. The soundtrack was phenomenal yes, the graphics were great, but had enough artifacting issues/glitches to disappoint. It looked like a game that had been through a few engine changes...

        It's still an improvement on XIII, but that wasnt exactly a difficult feat.

    Well, multiplayer seems to be a smart decision - a better use of their time, at any rate, than if they tried to fix the abysmal story. I play FF games for the sense of wonder and the story - the story in most FF games have been good, if a little messy. FF VI through to FFXII made me feel something - concern for characters, wonder at the environments, curiosty at the world. Ever since FFXIII, however, the story in FF games has failed to make me feel anything at all. I don't know why, but I feel nothing when playing these games anymore. They leave me feeling utterly hollow. A indie game like pyre has 5000% more emotion and heart than a game made by an ostensibly "AAA" studio with 10 years development and millions upon millions of dollars of funding. I felt nothing for Noct and his Jpop boy band followers and his cardboard cut-out girlfriend (who literally has the depth of a cardboard cutout and speaks almost as many lines as one).

      Damn I said something very similar above without seeing your comment. 100% on the same page.

    Final Fantasy 15's combat is still good.

    Lol. Yeah, if holding circle and letting the game play itself is good. It looks good when the camera behaves itself.

    Honestly one of the worst, if not the worst game I've played.

    I CAME!!

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