Five VPNs You Can Use To Access US Netflix In Australia

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I imagine that upon first accessing the US Netflix library, most Australians begin to belt out the classic Aladdin jam “A Whole New World” - it truly is like stepping into an alternate, content-filled universe of TV and movies. Unfortunately, since Netflix cracked down on VPNs at the beginning of 2016, its been much harder to access the US library, but fret not! Here’s some reliable VPNs that will grant you a golden ticket to Netflix-and-chill-ville.

In Australia, we only receive around 35 per cent of the content that the US gets, due to various media-rights holders and copyright owners, so if you want access to all those extra TV shows and movies, a VPN is the only way to do so. Netflix is aggressively chasing down and blocking access to international libraries via VPN all the time so even those listed below may have unreliable connections but the providers listed below are doing their best to stay a step ahead.


As an option that isn't overwhelmingly complex for new users, NordVPN provide a good service but don't expect the speeds to amaze you. A lot of users report inconsistency when using Netflix in particular, but it is fairly reliable in actually accessing the content. As with most providers on the list, it is a constant game of cat-and-mouse, but having spoken to a customer service representative, I was assured that at the time, NordVPN can provide access to US Netflix through their huge list of servers.

Further to that, NordVPN maintain a constant line of contact with their users regarding access to US Netflix access and troubleshooting through their support page. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, this is the place to go, but their 24/7 live chat is also a good resource for curing any woes.

You can purchase NordVPN for around $15/month or $87/year.


ExpressVPN is certainly more expensive than the competition, but they provide fantastic service, excellent speeds, support a huge range of devices and are committed to ensuring you can access US Netflix libraries.

I contacted ExpressVPN via their website’s live chat service and asked how they tackle the problem of Netflix hunting down and blocking VPNs. They responded with this:

We are aware of the statement that Netflix put out regarding VPN providers. We have not been affected, and ExpressVPN continues to allow access to US Netflix library. While we are unsure of what future steps Netflix may take, rest assured that our engineers work around the clock to continue to provide you with the best VPN experience. In case you should ever encounter difficulties in watching Netflix, you may contact us back for assistance :)

Sure, that seems pre-prepared (the smiley is a nice, personal touch) but it still gives me confidence that they are actively working to ensure their users can access the US library without issue.

You can purchase ExpressVPN for $16.30/month or $126/year.


TorGuard has a huge advantage over other VPN providers on the list by offering dedicated streaming IPs. Essentially, this is a service that allows you to buy a US IP address which will grant you access to the US Netflix library. As you are the only one using the IP address, it is less likely that a red flag will be raised and that Netflix will block the offending address. Thus, if it's purely US Netflix access you're after, then TorGuard is the service you'll want to go for.

The process is a little more complex than rival VPN providers and it may be off-putting having to jump through a few extra hoops, but the ability to connect using a dedicated IP is a critical difference, and TorGuard's live support will run you through the necessary steps for set up. I contacted a representative of TorGuard to discuss what would happen if my dedicated IP address ended up blocked and was assured that if blocked, the IPs would be replaced for me.

TorGuard can be purchased for $12.58/month or $76/year without a dedicated streaming IP address. You can purchase this address for half-price [$5/month] if you use the code 'TGLifetime50' at checkout.


VyprVPN isn't big on features but it does provide great speeds for using Netflix across a wide range of devices. It seems that for most of 2016, US Netflix connectivity was limited, but more recent attempts at using US VyprVPN servers has resulted in better returns.

VyprVPN's customer service representative told me that they "cannot guarantee access to streaming services but ... do monitor Netflix access and many of our users do rely on VyprVPN to access Netflix content that is georestricted" and their official line, from back in 2016, is that they cannot guarantee VyprVPN will "work with Netflix but they will continue to provide the most capable and fastest VPN connection possible."

VyprVPN is available for $16.31/month or $101/year.


VanishedVPN's website feels like you're stepping into the dark web but these guys are Australian and they have the best interests of Aussie users at heart. They also claim that they are "the only reliable solution for unblocking US Netflix in the world" and it seems most of their users concur. As we reported a year ago, VanishedVPN have kept their geoblocking work around a closely guarded secret, but it gets us onto US Netflix, the speeds are decent and that's really all we're asking for.

Unlike other providers on this list, these guys don't have a 24/7 live chat, but their forums are helpful for setup and they have extensive written and video guides should you get stuck.

VanishedVPN also offer a competitive pricing package that will set you back $11.99/month or $100/year.

One tip I will leave you with is that as these services have both monthly and annual fees, it may be worth investing in the shorter options even though they cost a little more. In the event that Netflix swing the hammer down on any of these particular providers, you'll be able to switch and find a new one and not worry about paying for a service you're unlikely to use.


    So you are promoting people breach the terms and services of Netflix. Why don't you just tell us what good sites to get torrents from while you are at it.

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      Last edited 08/08/17 6:59 pm

      Using a VPN to access Netflix is quite legal and not criminal at all. At worst netflix can cancel your account. Trying to link it with torrenting downright stupid.

      Q: Many Australians use a VPN to access Netflix in the US. Is it illegal for me to use a VPN to access Netflix?

      The Copyright Act does not make it illegal to use a VPN to access overseas content.
      While content providers often have in place international commercial arrangements to protect copyright in different countries or regions, which can result in ‘geoblocking’, circumventing this is not illegal under the Copyright Act.

      Nice strawman argument there though.

        Of course you would have a problem with something I said.

        I'll never understand the sense of entitlement this generation has.

          Of course you would have a problem with something I said.

          Any person would, Your statement was obviously factually incorrect

          I'll never understand the sense of entitlement this generation has.

          Sense of entitlement? We want to legally pay for content that is being gated from use due to pure greed. Thats not entitlement. Present a proper argument.

          Its telling that people are more willing to pay for a VPN to access US Netflix than simply pirate the shows. That alone should give you a big hint. But hey, We can go with your idea of stopping this, Which would result in more people pirating the content. Win win right Simocrates?

          Last edited 08/08/17 8:44 pm

            No, people will complain it isn't good enough if they do open it up. It is like Game of Thrones. Foxtel lets you watch it legally but people want to watch it on their terms because it is popular to hate "the man" whoever that relates to within context.

              No, people will complain it isn't good enough if they do open it up.

              If that was true, No one would bother with using a VPN, They would just torrent

              It is like Game of Thrones. Foxtel lets you watch it legally but people want to watch it on their terms because it is popular to hate "the man" whoever that relates to within context.

              Perhaps you need to move out of your tiny bubble of ignorance buddy. People dislike foxtel because they used to have plenty of choices for getting GoT till foxtel came along, There is also the fact the service is horrible and overly expensive for what it is.

              Your line of opinion Simocrates is why Australia leads the world in pirating GoT. You think the current method of delivery is fine? Good for you buddy! Meanwhile piracy will continue to skyrocket.

              Want an example of easy access reducing piracy? Look at the music industry. Previously people used to greatly pirate music. Then along came spotify. Now music piracy is almost non existent.

              You are stuck in the past Simocrates, You better get with the times or you will be left in the past.

              You call it entitlement, I call it my right to spend my money how i want and with whom i want. These buisness want my money? Make content easily accessible at a reasonable price. If i use a VPN to circumvent a Geoblock im still paying the content producers for the content they produced. Wheras if i pirated the content they recieve nothing.

                By that logic nothing will change. They still get your money and they don't even have to bother fixing their service because you'll pay a third party to give you access. If what you say is true about the music then why don't people employ the same tactics with tv shows?

                Wanting better service isn't a bad thing but it is an arrogant mindset to believe you should have access to entertainment on your own terms. If an entertainment product isn't available at the price you it is worth then you vote with your wallet.

                I've never understood where people get this strange idea they deserve anything more than the bare necessities to live. You want something optional like entertainment then you pay for it. Don't like the conditions? Then don't agree to them, but if you choose not to agree then you should also accept that you will have to wait for something else to come along.

                I may be stuck in the past but it looks a hell of a lot better than whatever the "progressives" are pushing for.

                  I may be stuck in the past but it looks a hell of a lot better than whatever the "progressives" are pushing for.

                  On your side we have restricted content and rampant piracy

                  On my side we have easy access and less piracy.

                  Wow what a side to be on there Simocrates. You sure have a winner there buddy!

                  You are in the minority Simocrates. And you will be stuck in the minority. You will be left behind. And you should stay behind.

                  hahaha, what are you even talking about any more! This started with someone pointing out to you this is all perfectly legal and still paying netflix, I'm not sure how it got to you parading about bare necessities to live XD

                  Noone's saying they deserve anything, just that if we have that option there and it's legal then we will happily take it

    I use Nord, it's pretty good. Good tip for watching US netflix on nord, connect to a singapore server as it has better ping than connecting to US and has the same library (as far as i can tell)

    Still using Getflix for US Netflix, its a bit of hassle to get to work but it works!

      They have finally fixed it? I used to use their DNS service till it stopped working with Netflix and they basically gave up trying to fix it for netflix. Has that changed?

        Yep, using static routes to make it work which is messy but it works.

    Guys how about this, because there’s a site giving invites for free (well, almost! You have to support your chosen torrent site first!) and It is working.

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