For The First Time, Final Fantasy 8's 'Eyes On Me' Will Be Sold On Vinyl 

Final Fantasy 8 ballad "Eyes on Me" was originally released in 1999 as a CD single. Not only is it one of Final Fantasy's most iconic songs, but it's also one of gaming's best-selling. This spring, the tune will be released as a 18cm vinyl.

[Images: EMIミュージック・ジャパン via Amazon]

Composer Nobuo Uematsu wrote the track's music, and iconic singer Faye Wong, perhaps best known internationally for Chungking Express, sang the track. When it released in Japan, it was number one on the Western-music charts for 19 straight weeks and sold over a half a million copies.

According to Amass, the record will be released on November 3. The A-side is "Eyes on Me", but the B-side is still TBA (on the original release, the B-sides were "Red Beans" and an "Eyes on Me" instrumental).

No word on how much the 18cm will cost or if it will get an international release.


    "Eyes On Me" was so beautifully sung by Faye Wong but was let down by a shithouse translation job. It's like they used Babelfish. Yay Engrish.

    Gotta say - never ever heard of it. Ever. Played FF8 back in the day - but given the author, I'm guessing "big hit in Japan, big meh elsewhere".

    They dont make games like this anymore :(

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