Foxtel Warning: A $137 'Surprise' Is Coming To Free-Trial Members

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If you signed up for Foxtel Now's free trial specifically to watch Game Of Thrones, you need to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. Otherwise, you will get slugged with a full monthly billing cycle without warning - even if you cancel the day after.

Depending on what packages you signed up for, this could leave you over $100 out-of-pocket. This should really go without saying, but when you sign up for a free trial with Foxtel (or any service, for that matter) the onus is on you to remember to cancel inside the promotional window.

Don't wait for a reminder email or pop-up window, because you're probably not going to get one. As soon as the free trial ends, Foxtel is going to start charging you. Makes sense, right?

Nevertheless, there has been a spate of customers voicing their surprise and displeasure online. Here's a recent example from news presenter Juanita Phillips, along with Foxtel's confirmation of the charges.

The lesson here is simple: don't rely on a company that's trying to make money off you to cancel your freebie. The only reason these trials exist in the first place is to turn you into a paying customer. Whether you end up paying willingly or due to forgetfulness is irrelevant.

With that said, the T&Cs on Foxtel's website currently aren't crystal clear due to sloppy grammar. Here is the offending passage:

If I continue when do I start paying?

If you choose to continue, we will take a full month payment based on the pack(s) you have selected. This payment will be taken after your trial period has ended if you.

This is not a complete sentence. If you're really salty about being charged, you could probably point this out for a refund. (Be sure to take a screenshot of the mistake before it gets corrected!)


    I don't know that it's that shocking beyond obviously Foxtel's fee structure. Netflix,Stan, Amazon all billed me at the end of my trial with no "Reminder your trial is coming to an end" email being sent at all. The only difference is those services are $10-$15 a month. People act like this is some nightmare, but it is in the Ts and Cs when you sign up that if you don't cancel by expiry you'll be charged, as with all things the onus is on the user to make sure they know when to cancel by. Is Kotaku going for "shock factor" stories and headlines now? Because I come here for the gaming write ups, not recycled Allure network content for clicks.

      Really? Netflix and Amazon both sends me reminder that my trial period is ending. I think it's fair that some company does it out of good will and also most company just won't do it just to get you suckered into paying 1-month/3-month/1-year cycle of fee by "accident". Business exploiting the fact that consumers will forget their trial period and consumers are not vigilant enough to keep note of when a trial ends.

      I understand coming from a person that have 5-7 trials at the same time can be hard to keep track when is what expiring but end of the day, businesses have no obligation to send you reminder that the free trial is ending because they want to get those money from you.

      Foxtel knew people will be getting the free trial for GoT and they knew people will forget to cancel trial when the show ends. They probably managed to get more than 1mil just for "accidentally" charging 10,000 free trial users.

      Yep 100% agree.

      What did they think companies were going to do with their credit card information after the trial period ended? Not charge you??? Shock horror.

        Because a $137 charge after a free trial is totally justified! then again this is foxtel. All they do is overcharge for crap no one wants.

          or in the case of Game of Thrones and a lot of other quality shows they have, they overcharge for shows people DO actually want, maybe just not you

    Every company ive dealt with does this. I have 3 subs right now that auto renew without asking and it has annoyed me at times by withdrawing the money when i didnt expect it

    Every company ive dealt with does this. I have 3 subs right now that auto renew without asking and it has annoyed me at times by withdrawing the money when i didnt expect it

    This was clear when I signed up. They state they'll start billing at the end of the trial before you confirm your subscription. It's not hidden in an obtuce T&C page.

    It's your own fault if you planned on cancelling and were too late. Cancelling took all of 5 mins.

    seriously what do some people expect? Foxtel to live their life for them? Tell them when to go to work. When to cook dinner. When to pay your net bill or your electricity.

    You signed up for a free trial. Take some responsibility for your own life. I dont get warned when Netflix or Stan are about to take money out, I check myself. Furthermore most places like that if you cancel straight after you sign up, you get the free trial period still and then it doesnt auto-renew.

    "If you choose to continue" does imply there should be some sort of active choice involved, rather than a simple continuation. Not saying they're wrong to have the choice be an automatic one in the absence of cancellation, but most sites have that spelled out a lot better.

    This article does not add up on a few points.

    1) If you signed up for foxtel Now for Game of Thrones then your two week trial would of expired at about episode 3 of the 7 episode season.
    2) If you signed up for foxtel Now SPECIFICALLY for Game of Thrones then you only needed the drama pack which is $15.

    I have that package and I was charged only $15 on the first of this month having signed up a few days before GoT season 7 started.

    Perhaps a more accurate article would be that all of foxtels content is $137?

    Thanks for the reminder. This is 100% your own fault if you forget to cancel

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