H3H3 Productions Wins Lawsuit Filed By YouTuber They Made Fun Of

After a year-long legal battle, A New York District Court judge yesterday ruled in favour of YouTube channel H3H3 Productions, who had been accused of copyright infringement, misrepresentation and defamation by another YouTuber whose comedy-slash-pick-up-artist video they parodied.

H3H3 Productions' February 2016 parody video poked fun at the video "Bold Guy vs Parkour Girl" and garnered over 10 million views before a takedown request wiped it off YouTube. YouTuber Matt Hoss alleged that the Kleins' critical commentary of his video reproduced too much of the original video, a fact Ethan Klein said masked the fact that "he doesn't like that we made fun of him and so he's suing us". The judge's final opinion was that there is "no doubt" that YouTubers Ethan and Hila Klein's reaction video constituted "critical commentary", which is legal in the US under the Fair Use Act.

The Kleins' attorney brutally duel-dunked on Hoss's initial civil complaint and his video about picking up girls using parkour: "Plaintiff must realise he cannot treat well-settled law and undisputed facts like the women in his videos; they will not change simply because Plaintiff is persistent and impervious to their hostility."

In a video yesterday, a Ethan and Hila Klein expressed their relief that the pricey legal battle was over. They had allegedly spent over $US50,000 ($63,218) in the first month of the lawsuit and later raised $US170,000 ($214,942) for legal fees with a GoFundMe. Ethan Klein said, "I'm elated. I'm relieved. I'm stoked. I'm happy we took this journey. I'm happy that the opportunity came to us to stand up and set this important precedent for fair use on YouTube. The word is out. Thanks to Matt, Fair Use is alive and well."

He added that it was obvious from the start that their reaction video constituted Fair Use: "Dude, this is America. Everyone's a critic!"


    I'll be the first to admit I'm not the biggest H3H3 fan out there, but I'm glad they won this lawsuit. The guy suing them was obviously an idiot. A no namer looking to make some extra money through the legal system.
    I'm glad the judge ruled against him and that it should now protect (or atleast make it easier for) other youtubers to defend their content

      I love them! I only discovered them a few months back but have found myself watching through their old videos and following their podcast series. I think it's their style of comedy and how the expose some creators for what they are (fake pick up artists, shallow justice warriors etc) that keeps me coming back. I'm genuinely interested to know what you don't like about them?

        I second this question also. What don't you like about H3?

          Really? You couldn't get why someone might not like this? I've never heard of them before but couldn't get through the first 2 minutes of this video. From what I saw the guy was an awful presenter who seemed nervous and the girl just sat there uncomfortably and barely spoke. She had the look of someone brought up on stage from the audience and didn't want to be there.

            Basing your thoughts on the above video isn't the best way to judge them. It would be like watching Seinfeld season 1 and claiming it's one of the best shows ever.

            H3 is a fupa and vape comedy legend. He's very funny and his wife/carer/sister Hila looks awkward and nervous because she is. I've watched them for three years and absolutely find them to be classic. I've never laughed more in my life than I have watching them.

            Then again, maybe they just aren't your sense of humour. Respect to you though.

      Well I wouldn't say I don't like them, I just don't actively seek their video's to watch

    Been a H3 fan for about three years now. So glad this lawsuit is behind them and now that FUPA has succeeded, it'll be interesting to see what other copyright bullshit YouTube can come up with for demonetising videos.

    I get this was a lawsuit by Boldguy, but YouTube is guilty of striking content creators over fair use also.

    I don't actively watch H3 videos but I will say I did follow this story as well as the Hugh Mungus story and I'm glad there are content creators like Ethan and Hila who take the time to listen to all sides, but also use their humor to tear down people who are in the wrong. There was one video about how Buzzfeed "exposed" manspreading and they tore it to shreds

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