Harvey Norman Threw A Mini SNES Sale And Forgot To Tell Anyone

At approximately 10pm, Harvey Norman quietly opened pre-orders for the highly-sought after Nintendo Classic Mini SNES. If you didn’t hear about the sale, you’re not alone – no announcements were made on social media and no press release was issued to media. We only just found out about the sale via a report on Vooks. By then, stock had already sold out.

To be honest, we’re not sure how we’re supposed to feel right now. On the one hand, Harvey Norman nobly refrained from whipping up hype for what was surely a small number of units. This would have resulted in thousands of disappointed customers, just like every other Nintendo mini console sale ever.

On the other hand, most of us were denied the chance, however small it may have been, to actually nab the console. We’re trying to decide which is worse – attempting to buy a Mini SNES and failing, or not being informed about the sale in the first place. At least there were no website crashes this way, we guess.

With EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, The Gamesmen and even Catch jumping the gun via pre-sales, most stock allotted for Australia has surely been exhausted at this point.

As we have warned from the start, attempting to buy a Mini SNES on launch day is going to be hell. Hopefully, the usual retailers will pull some extra units out of their collective sleeves and we’ll be treated to another flash sale or two. And hopefully they’ll actually let us know about it this time. The resulting online scrum is going to suck, but at least we’ll have a fighting chance.

[referenced url=”https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/06/nintendo-snes-classic-australian-pricing-games-and-where-to-buy/” thumb=”https://www.lifehacker.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/06/SNES-Games2.jpg” title=”Nintendo SNES Classic: Australian Pricing, Availability And Where To Buy” excerpt=”It’s official. after the runaway success of the Nintendo Classic Mini NES, Nintendo is releasing a retro remake of the Super Nintendo video game console. Boasting 21 of the best games from the 16-bit era, two SNES controllers and a nostalgic SNES design, the Super Nintendo Classic Edition is going to be one of the hottest items this Christmas. Here’s everything you need to know – including links to pre-order right now!”]

[Via Vooks]

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