HBO Spain Just Accidentally Aired The Next Episode Of Game Of Thrones

'Lololol' Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Ah, HBO is having a good run with this season, aren't they? After constant hacking and episode leaks for the entire season, Spain airing episode 6 ahead of schedule probably isn't what it needed right now.

Yet here we are.

Reddit user Kingrdgz posted a screenshot of the episode - you can see it here, if you want - I won't spoil it for you.

HBO is quiet on the matter so far, but we have reached out for comment.


    With all the GoT 'partner content' and other 'articles' on Kotaku recently, I would be surprised if spoilers DIDN'T appear on this site.

      episode recap and fan reaction articles posted here are definitely spoilers, especially because they're posted hours after the episode airs

        I don't mind the content so much (because hey, it keeps Alex in a job!) but the header image is often a spoiler and some of the article titles cut it a little fine.

          We try pretty hard to keep them interesting but also as non-spoiler before the jump as possible. I also try and make sure there's a spoiler image and a full-size image before any spoilers are written in the body of the text, so people have that visual barrier before they see something by accident. (Because hey, accidental clicks/screen presses happen.) If we fuck up, let me know. Stuff like this is always a case of walking fine lines.

      Looking forward to the article spamming Twitter posts telling me random people's reactions to the episode.

    Where do I dow- ... never mind, found it on reddit.

      How is the quality?

        The quality is something like this:

          That is a huge spoiler, Your Grace.

          Also hooooooly shit that episode. Called what happened in that picture years ago.

        based on the sample I got and compared to last leak, it's more crisp and much better

        also perfectly watchable full screen on a 30inch monitor... granted my sample was only ~2 minutes

    How do you 'accidentally' air something? Was it on their broadcast or their streaming service?

      i don't know how HBO does their CDN but for us in the past we've had managers that sleepwalk through the approval process which led to some less then pleasant calls from clients (expected).

      these days we back human process with automated scripts. if the sony hack (and various other hacks) has shown, the most obvious IT protocols are sometimes not observed for whatever reasons

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