Here's A First Look At Age Of Empires 4

Image: Relic / Microsoft

At the end of a livestream celebrating 20 years of Age of Empires, it was revealed that Relic Entertainment - makers of the Dawn of War and Homeworld RTS series - were developing a new sequel to Age of Empires.

Microsoft didn't announce any extra information at the event, which focused primarily on the history of the series and the upcoming release of Age of Empires 1: Definitive Edition. But at the end, a trailer for AOE 4 was unveiled, showing off a variety of warriors and soldiers from different time periods.

As for AOE 1: Definitive Edition, that will launch on October 19. It was also revealed that definitive editions of AOE2 and AOE3 are also in development, which seems odd given the very stoic community that has formed around AOE2HD.

Closed beta signups are still ongoing for AOE1, by the way. If you want to try your hand at that before launch, you can register here.

The author travelled to Gamescom as a guest of NVIDIA.


    Relic being tied to this is both cool and... not so sure about it. Given what DoW is now, I am hoping they stick to the basics, game play wise, in AoE4, and not do what they did to DoW2, witch why having an amazing campain, it left a lot on the copping block for basic skirmish modes.

    Pretty concept art is nice (If you can even call it that), but I'll wait to see some gameplay before I get hyped.

      Agreed. It's nice to know this is coming in the future, but until I see what it looks like and how it plays, I won't be getting all excited for it.

      I believe it's a bunch of old art from an Age Of Empires 3 tie in art book.

    Well shit... this was certainly unexpected...

    This better not be some dawn of war 3 , company of heroes AOE edition thats the last thing i want relic to do to my childhood by butchering a good rts

      Yes i'm so sick of these simple rush map style Rts's, I want that slow build, I want to marvel at my town & army before doing battle .

        I wan't to relish in the magnificence of my triple stone wall while the rest of the players struggle to scrape together enough for basic buildings and units.

          Yes! Exactly, It's the build up to the storm lol. Do i need the maximum amount of units i can muster ? No but these buildings have a job todo lol.

    Not really a look at the game though is it.

    setting my expectations low so I'm not hurt if they release a slimmed down 'multiplayer focused' filled with loot crates and hats.

    Heres a first look at age of empires 4.... announcement trailer... with artwork... and a voice over... and no ingame assets... or gameplay...

    In other words, Age of Empires 4 has been announced, you can check out the announcement video here, we will have to wait to see in game videos and pictures to really know anything about the game. On a positive note, Relic is the team behind the game so we are hopeful it is in safe hands.

    Last edited 22/08/17 10:37 am

    So long as Relic don't "dawn of war 3" it I will be happy

      As someone who enjoys, and still plays, DOW3 I do really hope Relic gets the break that they deserve.

      They still are a high quality developer, even if their attempts to shake up the genre alienated their core base.

      Or COH/DOW2 it. In fact, as long as they just make AOE, with a new shiny glossy engine.

    The biggest question of all is...
    Will cars with missile launchers make a comeback?

    I've always wanted to play AoE but never got around to it. this sounds cool!

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