Horizon Zero Dawn's Expansion, The Frozen Wilds, Launches November 7

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Announced via the PlayStation Blog, the first expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn will launch on November 7.

There's no confirmation if that date is a simultaneous release at this stage, although it's pretty clear the kind of climate Aloy will be exploring. "Set in icy territories to the north, this new chapter of Aloy’s journey adds a new area to explore, new mysteries to uncover and new, highly lethal machines to take on," the post adds.

That's the extent of everything that's announced, but Guerilla noted they would reveal more closer to the date. We'll let you know when they do.


    Cant wait to get back into H:ZD. Still one of the best games this year so Im happy to give them more money for addition content!

    I'm not really sure I'll get this as I didn't find the original game to be all that good. The gameplay plateaued very quickly and for a game full of robot dinosaurs there was very little incentive to actually bother hunting them. The main story was pretty standard and predictable too which was disappointing because spelunking in the ruins and hearing the story told in the notes and data pads was fantastic and easily the best part of the game.

    Still, if the DLC focuses more on the hunting aspect of the game it might be worth picking up as a way to fill the gap until Monster Hunter World comes out.

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