Internet Sleuths Think The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Set In Seattle

Is part of the next The Last of Us set in Seattle? Internet detectives believe so, after combing through the game's concept art and comparing it to real-life Washington.

Image via Reddit

The Last of Us: Part 2 won't be out for at least another year or two, but Redditor and artist Voidsby believes they have already discovered one of the game's locations. In an elaborate (and convincing) Reddit post, Voidsby lays out some comparisons between real life and the brief bits of The Last of Us 2 we've seen so far.

For example:

You can see all the evidence over on Voidsby's post. Whether or not the game is actually set in Seattle, this is still very fun to look through, and testament to the power of Internet Detectives (when they're using their forces for good and not evil).


    It's perfect plausible that they used stock photos from Seattle to make their concept art, and (erroneously) assumed that the internet had better things to do then check where their photo references came from.

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