Japan Has Ice Cream Shaped Like Katana 

[Image: Neku]

The city of Seki in Gifu Prefecture has long been famous for sword-making and high-quality kitchen cutlery. Now, as Togech points out, it's becoming famous for ice cream katana.

The basic idea was from a high school student, and according to Asahi Digital, the city's youth made that a reality. A local Japanese confectionary chef makes the ice cream treats, which cost around ¥1000 ($12) and come in bean paste or Japanese citron flavour.

The sword's handle is plastic, but the guard is chocolate-covered cookie. The swords are coated with kudzu starch, which slows the melting process.

Though leaving them on a sword stand for a long time is probably a bad idea.

Currently, the swords are only made in small qualities and on sale locally in Seki, a city worth visiting if you are into katana, whether they're made of Japanese steel or ice cream.



    Well this gives new meaning to sword swallowing.

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