Japanese Politicians Cosplaying As Anime Characters

The mayor of Nagoya and the governor of Aichi Prefecture both recently suited up as famous anime characters. This was not a first.

[Image: oinagoya]

Mayor Takashi Kawamura and Governor Hideaki Omura cosplay at least once a year for the World Cosplay Summit, a major cosplaying event held in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

Here is Kawamura:

And Omura:

Both have a good cosplay game.

Maybe the best.


    As someone who lives in Osu kannon and nearby Oasis 21, I hate it when the cosplay forum rolls around. It's full of weaboos saying everything is すごいand かわいい。And just interrupting the fuck out of Nagoya. I see locals and staff just roll eyes. I hate weaboos.

      Indeed. I was chatting to a photographer friend of mine as we were going to the second final of the World Cosplay Summit, and we were walking through Oasis 21 to get to the Aichi Arts Centre. Oasis 21 was packed tight with cosplayers, and I mentioned to my friend that apart from food places, the shopkeepers must be hacked with the vast sea of cosplayers. For one, cosplayers aren't there to shop, they're there to have the picture taken or to take pictures. Secondly, the mass of cosplayers there crowd out the usual weekend shoppers. Either way, it's a poor weekend taking-wise for store owners there.

    ahhaah, this is fantastic!

    Then again if i saw Gendo in my local mayors office id be a bit concerned about the future of the city lol

    And that this wasn't the end of it. At the end of the meeting there's a photo opportunity with the delegate of cosplayers from around the world and Mayor Kawamura. So the mayor poses with the cosplayers, and then starts crooning Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love With You", much to the amusement of all gathered. In fact the girls on either side of him, an American and an Australian, study singing, and accompany the mayor.

    And this is usual for him- in a previous year he sung a Beatles song.

    An interesting fact- Sydney is a twin city with Nagoya, and a couple of years ago he and a coterie of officials came to Sydney to celebrate an anniversary of the twinning of the two cities. While addressing the audience, he burst into a rendition of the Nagoyan baseball club's club song. So yeah, he has no shame.

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