Junkrat Junkrat Junkrat, Oi Oi Oi

Image: Blizzard/Overwatch

Earlier this morning Blizzard announced a bunch of new Overwatch skins to mark the return of the Summer Games. Most of them are pretty rad. Junkrat also got a new skin.

A skin inspired by 1990's One Day Cricket.

An outfit that Shane Watson himself would be proud to wear, Aussies woke up this morning to discover that Australia's national sport had finally been represented in Overwatch:

Some noticed that Junkrat's peg leg had been given the Gray-Nicolls treatment.

Literally leg before wicket.

The cricket references haven't made a whole lot of sense to Americans, but our British cousins are properly on board with the new skin:

No-one's confirmed whether Junkrat's grenades have been swapped out for red Kookaburra cherries, although I have faith that Blizzard has done the right thing. Update: Junkrat does fire off red cherries in-game instead of his usual grenades (beyond what is displayed on the skin), although it's hard to distinguish in motion.

It's almost perfect, really. There's only one change I'd make...



    When they said there "favourite australian" is getting a new legendary i was like "I hope it's cricket inspired, but they are american they probably wouldn't do it"

    I'm glad they proved me wrong.

    Has Athena's voice been replaced with Richie Benaud's?

    3000 coin. get fucked. sick of these high price skins. suck a dick blizzard.

      Eh. That's standard price for event skins.

      What really sucks is that if you get a duplicate of an event item you still only get currency in exchange as if it were a regular item.

        they werent always 3000 were they, i remember there being event skins for 1500. or am i being delusional?

          I don't recall them being that cheap, especially given regular legendary skins are 1000 coins.

          Event legendary skins have always been 3000. They have made changes to loot boxes now as well which makes duplicates a lot less likely to drop.

            Yeah, as I mentioned below I bought 50 boxes and despite having nearly everything unlocked it was about 25 boxes before I started getting dupes.

            That said, there's still a bunch of things I haven't unlocked and I'm still getting boxes with 4 duplicates in them.

        They still haven't fixed that? Ugh, I feel the coin you get should be 75% of what it is worth.

    Weapon projectiles are cricket balls.
    Also skin references Junkrat as being the 13th man

    Did my usual buy 50 loot boxes at the start of an event dealio. Didn't look at any of the new skins beforehand as I wanted to be surprised.

    As I've got virtually everything skin, voice line, etc unlocked on Xbox One, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it took around 25 boxes before I got a duplicate. Seems as though the change Blizzard made to ensure less duplicates is indeed working!

    From the boxes, I got McCree's new lifeguard skin, Sombra's SCUBA diver skin, Widowmaker's bikini skin, and Reaper's Biker skin.

    Then I went through and had a look at what I was missing. As soon as I saw Junkrat's new skin I insta-bought it! :)

    Gonna be using that look for him for a good long while, methinks!

    Also bought Mercy's awesome new one and Soldier's BBQ Dad costume ;)

      I misread that as Reaper's Bikini skin and now I feel an urge to draw it

      Ah man you're lucky. I'd have to spend twice as much for those skins

    Hm. A new event hey.

    But how do I stop playing Splatoon :P

    To the bloke who took exception to Twatto's inclusion: I hear you, but that was a *little* too inflammatory.

    Also unrelated to junk but soldier 76 lays down a can of beer for healing. Anybody want some refreshments?

      Apparently the barcode on the side of the can has/is a reference to IT Crowd.

    Shouldn't the ball be White? Considering he's wearing a One Day uniform

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