KFC Employee Training Game Is A Raw Chicken Escape Room

KFC Employee Training Game Is A Raw Chicken Escape Room

There are a lot of nightmarish things about KFC, including but not limited to mutant chickens and a sandwich where the bread is chicken filets. Now KFC is owning the darker, crispier parts of its brand with a new VR horror game that’s become a “bizarre initiation rite” for new employees, according to Eater.

The Oculus game places players in an escape room where the booming, hack-coughing voice of Colonel Sanders instructs employees on how to make KFC fried chicken with good ol’ disembodied VR hands. If they fail, they’re locked in the room, forever, with Colonel Sanders.

“Release the birds!” the Colonel yells as a bag of chicken parts descends from the ceiling. The player must inspect every piece (for what?) before washing and rinsing and breading and shaking them. A robot servant comes to help, but the Colonel assures the employee that they will never, not ever, be replaced by robots.

I accidentally sent this to a friend of mine who is vegan and he is very mad at me.

Eater, who originally reported on this very strange thing, explains that KFC notified them about the VR experience via a press release:

The press release notes that this VR exercise takes workers through the chicken cooking process in just 10 minutes, as opposed to the 25 minutes it takes IRL, so perhaps the idea here is to speed up the training process (and to avoid potentially wasting product). Or hey, maybe somebody at KFC HQ just got a really good deal on a whole pallet of Oculus Rifts.

A video of a full play-through is available on Eater’s website.