Here's Some Destiny 2, On PC

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

It's a month behind the consoles, but Destiny 2 has finally arrived on PC. And if you're running around the Crucible this evening, or you just want to see how the PC version of the game holds up, come join us!

For those who are waiting for the open beta (which will be tomorrow), you can follow along with the action below with the livestream or the Twitch chat. For those who want to team up with probably the greatest Destiny 2 clan around, here's the roster for the unofficial Talk Amongst Yourselves community.

I'm a part of the clan on PC and PS4, although I'll probably spend most of my time playing on PC. For those who do want to take part, grab my details from the stream and we'll play along! If the stream hasn't started yet, don't fret - it'll kick off in a few minutes.

Update: The stream's come to an end for now, but if you want to catch up with the footage the video is embedded below.

In the interim, what would you like to see from Destiny 2?


    First tip, go straight to settings and turn off real names. Still unsure if the setting actually hides my real name in chat or just stops me from seeing others real names.

    Edit: Seems it's working as it should with battlenet real ID,only friends who you've added and shared real Ids with, but still jarring seeing my real name in game;)

    Last edited 29/08/17 6:57 pm

    I've just signed into the TAY clan with my Bnet details (I'll be taking a break from PUBG for a bit to play this I think) but I"m wondering if there's any way to link my XBL account that I played Destiny with? I assume there's gear/shaders/emblems etc for having played the first game?

    Ok, I've found the account linking section, there's a yellow "Link" button next to XBL, but when I click on it, it seems to think my XBL account is already linked, and warns against removing it, but there's nothing there to indicate I played the first game...

    Last edited 30/08/17 10:27 am

    Hey @alexwalker - Don't suppose you'd be able to clarify the Destiny 2 PC region status for Australia with someone?

    This link suggests we're being classified as part of 'Asia':

    Which is odd considering it's product, and on we're part of the Americas region.

      That's Asia "and Oceania", which isn't that different to how Blizzard treats things on the purchasing side. We're still part of the Americas when it comes to servers.

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