Lona, An Adventure Game About Being Trapped By Art

Lona: Realm of Colours is an adventure game in development from a small team based in Sweden. There's a strong Miyazaki vibe running through the game's art style, and it looks cool as hell.

Here's the pitch:

What happens if you could escape from life difficulties that you can do nothing about? What if you could paint all your troubles away or turn them into magical musical notes? "Lona: Realm of Colours" is an artistic (PC first, on Steam) adventure about a girl trying to deal with her difficulties by painting them. The more she paints the more her drawings transform real life troubles into abstract art forms and as she is more and more consumed by her paintings she loses touch with real world, and finally gets trapped in her art.

Despite being an adventure game, it doesn't feature traditional puzzles; instead, each area in the game "is an abstraction of Lona's story and it is up to you to bring peace and balance to her painting and find out what has happened to her".

Lona is originally due for PC, but since it's up on Kickstarter, there are stretch goals to bring it to other platforms like mobile.


    Just because something looks pretty doesn't mean that "there's a strong Miyazaki vibe running through" it. I mean, I don't even know how you got the idea that the game has anything that looks like a Miyazaki style art style. Sure, that picture at the top of the article has some aspects of his style, but the game itself doesn't at all.

    By miyazaki i think they mean the game developers knocked off the character design for nausicaa, other then that its just regular animation art style.

    Sort of irks me when stories suggest that the real world is some horrible thing to be escaped. Life has its downs and ups, but it can be still pretty beautiful. I think art is notmally a reflection not an escape.

    But i guess the conclusion of the story is somehow going to make that point. At least thats how i would end it.

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