Massive New Gundam Store Opens This Weekend In Tokyo 

[Image: gundambase_t]

This Saturday, an enormous new Gundam store will open its doors in Tokyo's Odaiba. Called The Gundam Base Tokyo, the shop will have over 2,000 types of Gundam goods for sale and another 1,500 on display. That is apparently the largest assortment on Earth.

The Gundam Base Tokyo joins other Gundam Base locations in South Korea and Taiwan.

The store is divided into different sections: the Shop Zone for buying Gundam goodies, the Builders' Zone where visitors can build and learn from master builders, and a Factory Zone that shows how the made-in-Japan Gundam models are manufactured.

Via Twitter, here is a look inside before the Gundam Base Tokyo's grand opening.

Gundam, that's a lot of plastic mecha.


    Ummm.. so after having a dig around basically its the ye olde Gundam Front in Odaiba but bigger after renovations? XD

      I was wondering the same thing until I saw your comment. The place is pretty good and well worth a trip for any otaku. I hope they kept the free exclusive Gundam Model kit you get for museum entry.

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