Metal Gear Shirt Is Made Of 200 People Arguing Over Which Characters Are Gay

Metal Gear Shirt Is Made Of 200 People Arguing Over Which Characters Are Gay

This is art.

Lukas, an artist/student in the Bay Area, decided to make a custom t-shirt whose design consists entirely of screengrabs of “two hundred tender souls arguing over which metal gear character is gay”.

“its a russian tuant” is the star here, appearing both front and centre and on the collar. “It’s a Russian Taunt” is a running joke among some LGBT fans of Metal Gear for how damn homoerotic the series can get.

If you want to buy one — and even putting aside the joke it still looks amazing — Lukas added the design to the printing service Artscow.


  • And I bet none of those people actually tried contacting Kojima (Who is actually very responsive on Twitter) about the lore behind HIS creation? No… What a shock.

    Metroid, Overwatch, now Metal Gear. There are too many people out there who want their personal preferences (or “headcanon”) to become the new lore for everything that has a story.

    As for this guy who made a shirt out of it all, I don’t know if it’s brave or stupid… Probably a combination of both. But hey, it got him on Kotaku and other “gaming news sites” who love this headcanon shit.

    • “Now Metal Gear.” Uhhhh… my friends and I have been joking about Snake and Otacon being an item since MGS came out in ’98. None of us are into shipping or fan fiction or anything like that – just thought it was kind of funny that Snake and Otacon moved in with each other and adopted a daughter at some point between MGS2 and MGS4, for example.

      FYI, most people who ARE into shipping and such don’t care about changing the canon or getting official statements from creators – they’re just having a bit of completely harmless fun.

      Lighten up. If that’s too hard, you can totally avoid ever being affected in the slightest by other people having fun in this way if you simply never click on any articles about it again.

    • I think you’re being a bit harsh here. Whether intentional or not, once a game/movie is out there its totally up for interpretation what the actual meaning is (such is art), and us straight-white-men have been using our own lense for generations, it just so happened until recently we were so loud that we thought ours was actually canon. Whats wrong with people with different backgrounds having different interpretations?

  • I want one.

    I want a gamegate one.

    That’ll keep my co-workers distracted while I focus on them KPIs.

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