Microsoft Announces 'Project Scorpio' Edition Xbox One X 

Xbox One X will have a limted "Project Scorpio" edition available when it launches this Spring Microsoft announced today at its pre-Gamescom briefing.

What's so special about the Scorpio edition, which leaked last Friday, you might ask? Well there's the box which was made to resemble the original Xbox and also has the name of the system in a green font. That special typeface will be on the console itself as well, which also comes in a black, graphite textured casing. And finally there's the limited edition controller which will also have the words "Project Scorpio Edition" in green lettering, in case you ever forget. This edition also comes with a plastic stand but as far as I can tell there's not unusual about it.

Really though, the best thing the Scorpio edition appears to be the name, which is way cooler, and always was, than Xbox One X. Reasonable people can disagree about this of course, but, I mean, come one, scorpions are way cooler than Xs.

At today's event Microsoft also announced a Shadow of War Xbox One S bundle for when the game releases on October 10, as well as a limited edition MineCraft version which is painted in green and brown pixels as a tribute to the game's crafting systems and dirt (their explanation, not mine).

The company also explained that games like Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 will be getting free 4K upgrades in the future to allow these games to take better advantage of the Xbox One X's native 4K and HDR capability. Around a 100 existing games will apparently see some kind of patch to this effect.

Finally, if you choose to pick up the new system, switching to it from your old Xbox One should be pretty straightforward. Microsoft explained that anything you have on an external hard-drive can just be swapped over to the new hardware and games downloaded to internal storage can be copied over via your in-home network. Settings should carry over from one console to the other as well.

And while we're on the subject of UI, the company also said that a future update will be bringing a light mode to the Xbox One dashboard, meaning you'll finally be able to swap out those dark grays for something a bight more vibrant.

The Xbox One X itself launches on November 7 with the Project Scorpio edition available to pre-order starting today. You can re-watch today's Microsoft event in its entirety here.


    EB just called and confirmed my Project Scorpio edition console. Happy about that.

      How did you preorder I can't find anything on their site or did you do in store?

        I put money on it the day of E3 press conference. They had me on a wait list, but was called this morning to confirm the wait list had moved to a preorder for the Project Scorpio edition.

        Type in Xbox One X in the search bar on their website. I had to call up customer service as I was refreshing thinking they would have a big banner for it but they dont. Pre-ordered mine

          I kept looking every few hours and there is a banner now and managed to secure a preorder for Scorpio edition but everywhere else says sold out so not sure if I got one yet I got a receipt email etc but no phone calls ?

      Same deal here. Was on the wait list for XOX and EB called me this morning. So had it switched over to the preorder.

      Do find it odd that i can preorder the Scorpio... but not the XOX still...

        Its been a silly marketing tactic on microsofts behalf. Pointless way to drum up demand for the console. The way I see it, if people want it, they'll buy it. No sense in trying to increase demand by having a 'wait list'.

    My homage to Hank is it's way! Have to go and pick up from the Hammock District though.....

    I got my scorpio edition on preorder today can't wait

    I preordered yesterday BUT they cancelled my order because or cc authorisation failure despite having a cc authorisation code - "too bad sold out now line up on release day"

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