Nintendo Announces Metroid-Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL [Updated]

To mark the release of Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo is releasing a special "Samus Edition" New Nintendo 3DS XL.

[Image: Nintendo]

According to Nintendo, the handheld will be available at "select retailers" in the US on September 15 when Metorid: Samus Returns goes on sale. There has been no announcement yet regarding an Australian release, but fingers crossed!

[Image: Nintendo]

[Image: Nintendo]

Update 5:05PM AEST: The "Samus Edition" New Nintendo 3DS XL has been confirmed to arrive in Australia on September 16, exclusive to EB Games.


    Looks like it's time to buy a second one...

      You're only up to your second?

      I have four, lol.

      I actually wanted another New 3DS (normal size) because two pixels have gone funky on my current one... but of course it has been discontinued.

    Australians will receive a non-new 3DS XL with a Metroid-shaped turd smear on the box. And pay twice the price for the privilege.

      not sure why this got a down vote when it's 80% accurate. The design could be much better, but with that said I need it for my collection. the boxart alone makes it worth it.

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