Nintendo Challenges The World With Beastly Speedrun Of Splatoon 2 Level

If the ARMS tournament from earlier this year didn't clue you in, here's another incident that proves Nintendo is really good at its own games.

Yesterday, the official Japanese Splatoon account shared a video of the "Octozeppelin Invasion" level, which they absolutely destroy in a record 1:09. Our own Tim Rogers translated Nintendo's accompanying tweet, where the developers ask the world, "Can you beat this time?"

When I played this level, the charger alone made me fumble. Here, Nintendo of Japan never misses a beat. They snipe at the right places, use the curling bomb to lay out a path, and at one point even use their special to hit a faraway trigger. It's wild. I didn't even know some of this shit was possible:

Theoretically, the time could probably be improved — there are a few places where there are slight hitches — but this time is currently better than what non Nintendo employees have accomplished. The run is so good that commenters are wondering if Nintendo used a special tool to accomplish this feat.

According to the Splatoon 2 speedrun leaderboards, the top time at current is 1:16, achieved by runner Wheaty2002 with a Charger. "Not perfect, and I think Rizard already has a faster time," Wheaty2002 wrote on the page. I look forward to seeing how players try beating Nintendo at its own game.

Already, the videos of players trying to follow suit are hilarious — for reference, this exasperated Japanese player says, "Teacher! I can't do it!"


    holy crap... does this guy use motion control...?

    i have been trying i just cant get used to motion controls for this game :( i am nowhere near as accurate..

      Completely agree. I tried in the 1st game and again in this but every time I go online I just get stomped. Makes me feel terrible when my mate sitting next to me is killing it with motion controls

      In Splatoon the non-motion users are the outliers :P

      On the flipside I can't understand what it is people are finding so difficult about them. I know as a longtime player of the first game I've got plenty more experience but even then I can't remember having any problem with them. Found them to be pretty intuitive from the get-go.

      Granted there's a fair difference between the accuracy needed for a charger like in the above versus say a Sploosh-o-matic.

        i end up spinning around trying to move around and aim.. something tells me im doing it wrong. ..

          Are you using separate joycons by any chance? I've had that happen when testing it out, just holding the joycons in my hand was enough to block the signal at certain angles and I'd go into a huge spin.

          Basically though you want to only use the stick for gross movement, a quick flick to reset your neutral yaw position and then use motion for any fine aiming within that area in front of you. The default sensitivity in Splat2 is quite low compared to the first game, you have to set it up to about 3 to get it to the original default level. Some recommend setting it low to start with and working your way up, but personally I feel like having it too low is even worse than having it too high. But you gotta find what works best for you I guess.

          Oh, another thing is that rather than just holding the controller out and moving it around, I more plant my left wrist in place on my leg and use my right hand to lever it around that point. Also don't forget the Y button is there to reset your neutral position, your horizon can get lost if you aim too far up or down and you'll be left pointing up in the sky or down at the ground.

            Actually gave it a good tey again over the weekend.. im getting used to it... its one of those things, once it clicks and you understand how.. its like second nature

              Awesome, glad it's working out for you. We'll see you in the S-ranks in no time ;)

              That's how it was for me. Struggled around in single player for a few sessions. Finally decided to jump into an online match it just so happened, that is when it clicked for me. It was like a switch that just turned on, and it was fine. No longer having to think about it.

              It's great when you get there, but I can see a bit frustrating beforehand.

            I've never played with the sensitivity, but after this post I might try and up it. Did not notice it was lower than the first one, although I haven't played it for some time.

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